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Written by Yogesh Ahire

Why get into Search engines and directories?

Increase backlinks of your webiste. If your website is listed in Directories then your website can get traffic from directries and search engines counting that backlinks for ranking of your website.

Search engines continusly finding websites through "Bots" follow links onrepparttar internet, as they find new links, they updates those pages to their database. if someone linking to your website or If you submit your website in search engines then only they can list your site.

You can submit your website into various Directories. Every Subject Related Search Engines and Directories are Available today.

You can find folloing B2B trade leads Directories, Trade events, resources to submit your website and Increase backlinks for your website.

Industries Specific Business Directories Agriculture and Food Related Industries Directories Automotive And Other Vehicle Directories Chemical Related Industries Computer, Telecommunications and Electronics Directories Construction Materials and Cement Consumer Goods Directories Energy Directories Environmental Industries Directories Medical Related Industries Directories Metal Industries Directories Mining Directories Packaging Industry Directories Scientific Products Directories Textiles and Apparel Directories Tool & Machinery Directories Toys & Sporting Goods Wood, Pulp and Paper Industries Directories

Supplementing Spiders

Written by Judy Webb

We, as webmasters or website owners, are always looking for ways to supplementrepparttar search engine spiders. I call it 'supplementing spiders'.

What we are trying to do is encourage these 'spiders' to come feed onrepparttar 136597 keywords and 'content' of our websites, in hopes of getting a higher positioning inrepparttar 136598 search page ranking. It is like trying to put your head aboverepparttar 136599 crowd and be noticed.

The experiment began with a new site that has been online a little more than a month [fromrepparttar 136600 time of this writing]. What was decided was to createrepparttar 136601 best atmosphere for attracting Googlebot. A plan would be needed to attract Google and saverepparttar 136602 time, effort and outlay of cash for a Yahoo! listing. Google was also needed to build a page rank. Starting from zero we had to have a game plan.

The conclusion was reached thatrepparttar 136603 time spent now would pay off ten-fold downrepparttar 136604 road. The new site is a free cross content article directory for websites, ezines and a learning portal. Keyword search was preformed on every search term imaginable. Every site that could be found that remotely related to articles and article directories was reviewed. Some of these sites were exclusive to articles while some only had a directory of articles on site in a subdirectory. What they had in common was that all had a front page or top 10 ranking in Google and/or Yahoo! for 'articles'. Note: there were also 417,000,000 other sites listed for "articles" that were indexed that have never seenrepparttar 136605 fringes ofrepparttar 136606 front page much lessrepparttar 136607 top 100. With that goal set, our task lay before us. The plan follows: 1.] A decision made onrepparttar 136608 look and feel ofrepparttar 136609 site. This is important not forrepparttar 136610 spiders [Google & Yahoo!] but forrepparttar 136611 site’s future visitors. Reason? What good is it to have a site that no one will come back to because it is unpleasant or because of visual or navigation problems. The robots.txt file was set up so that it would inviterepparttar 136612 spiders to crawl amongrepparttar 136613 selected pages and directories ofrepparttar 136614 site.

2.] The index page was designed making sure it had an accessible navigation plan based onrepparttar 136615 suggestions of and These improvements continue to be added throughoutrepparttar 136616 site. Every link led to content using keywords inrepparttar 136617 links and text anchors where possible. Optimizedrepparttar 136618 site using a selection of keywords that were relevant torepparttar 136619 site’s theme using Good Keywords and Overture. We were fortunate as we were building an article and content directory and we all know articles make excellent spider supplements. Like vitamins forrepparttar 136620 body...

3.] A Site Map was created and linked fromrepparttar 136621 front page that providedrepparttar 136622 visitor and spiders with a road map ofrepparttar 136623 site. Using, as we did you can easily generate a full sitemap for your website. Enter your URL inrepparttar 136624 space provided, hit enter on your keyboard and wait forrepparttar 136625 links to be displayed. Saverepparttar 136626 page fromrepparttar 136627 File menu and editrepparttar 136628 links to suit your requirements.

4.] Next we brought together a collection of articles and content that would provide a rich array of information for both spider and visitor. This was accomplished by adding articles personally written and some hand selected content to fitrepparttar 136629 site’s topics and categories. These included a wide variety of subjects like short stories, tutorials on uses of herbs to R.S.S and how to use email.

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