Submit Your Website to Seach Engines

Written by Joanne King

Some search engine submissions are free and some pay for this benefit but before I get into it I would like to place a little word of warning.

There will be some places that will offer to submit your website to hundreds or even thousands of search engines for free. Avoid these at all costs! I know I know they are tempting, thoughts stray to “woohoooo now I can do it in one push ofrepparttar button”.

Problem is this, when you submit your website to these programs they use a script to send out your url and most search engines these days have equipment in place to pick up when these scripts send your url to them. It’s considered spam and oncerepparttar 141499 search engines put your website in their “spam” pile they won’t add your website, possibly never!

The best way is to submit your website to search engines manually yourself. Here are a few websites to get you started that you can submit to for free:

Writing Ezine Ads-For Their List and Yours

Written by Greg Root

The opt-in email list has become quite a buzz word these days. As well it should. A list of email subscribers isrepparttar most valuable marketing tool you can have. Building it should be top priority.

An easy, inexpensive method for attracting targeted subscibers for your list is with ezine advertising. To succeed, you'll need a couple of pointers.

First, how do you write ezine solo ads to get them on your list? Second, how should you write ads to profit from your own list?

Many marketers don't know that there's a distintion betweenrepparttar 141468 two. In this article I'll explainrepparttar 141469 difference and give you an example of both.

Advertising to Their List Your primary goal when advertising in an ezine is to get subscribers to your opt-in list. The best way to accomplish this is to offer a free e-course or e-book targeted torepparttar 141470 subscribers ofrepparttar 141471 ezine. They receive your offer in exchange for their email address.

For example, let's say you're an expert at search engine optimization(SEO). You may send out a solo ezine ad like this: "Get my 7 day e-course to master top Google ratings". You would have a direct link torepparttar 141472 subscribe form on your website. For best results, place your ad in marketing or webmastering ezines.

Advertising to Your List Your primary goal when dealing with your list is to build a relationship first. You want to establish yourself as an expert in your field. This is done by giving away unique, high quality information that your subscribers will find useful. You've already startedrepparttar 141473 process with your free offer.

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