Stylish Women of the Zodiac

Written by Sam Stevens

Aries These bold, arrogant and confident creatures are not afraid to flash a little leg or boast a low-cut top. When it comes to fashion, female Rams are self-styled leaders who love flashy, glamorous and sexy clothes. They are alsorepparttar first to parade around inrepparttar 123270 latest trends. They are also perfectionists who are hesitant to debut a new outfit until it has been outfitted with allrepparttar 123271 right accessories. They love expensive designer clothes but their thrifty side will settle for a decent imitation of Prada or Gucci. Plush velvets and vivid silks in colors such as red, yellow and gold suitrepparttar 123272 female ram's conception of herself as "royalty." At work,repparttar 123273 Ariesian female likes to stand out in a crowed by adding a pair of high-heels or sexy stocking to an otherwise straight looking skit. They loverepparttar 123274 style ofrepparttar 123275 forties and details such as piping, kick-pleats and rounded collars. They also adore pea coats and long wool coats paired with a pair of high heel leather boots. This demanding fire sign lovesrepparttar 123276 flash of rubies and diamonds and is fond of wearing watches that display two time zones, even if they are not jetsetters. Taurus Female bulls are homebodies so they don't tend to splurge their family budget on family. Their closet is often packed with clothing that reflects their love of practical activities such as gardening, cooking and home renovation. They are fond of inexpensive and utilitarian clothing such as khakis, jeans and sweatshirts and by easy-to-care for fabrics that can just are thrown inrepparttar 123277 wash. As they spend a lot of time outdoors, their closets are usually jammed with ski-jackets, pack-pats and work-boots. Taurus Females dress more casually than most people atrepparttar 123278 office and arerepparttar 123279 type to wearrepparttar 123280 same thing to work every day. A cozy sweater worn over a ruffled blouse with a knee-length skirt is a typical outfit. As they tend to be heavier than most women inrepparttar 123281 Zodiac, they tend to wear a lot of "slimming black". They have simple tastes in lingerie and consider a long white cotton nightgown to be just a sexy as any item bought from Victoria's secret. For more elegant affairs, bulls look best in empire style gowns that emphasize their busts and conceal their tummies. Taureans tend to dislike wearing a lot of jewelery, as it gets lost or dirty, however one item loyal Bulls will never take off is their wedding ring. Gemini These smart, sexy and cerebral women change their mind about what they want to wear every day. Their closets are well stocked withrepparttar 123282 appropriate outfits for any occasion. This curious sign faithfully studies fashion magazines and is always up onrepparttar 123283 latest trends in fashion. For casual wear, they prefer clothes with subtle, yet unusual touches - velvet cuffs on shirt, an unexpected ruffle or a bit of antique lace on a collar. Gemini females have a keen sense of style, and when they are in business mode, they prefer to dress up asrepparttar 123284 office "queens" complete with power suit, pearls and expensive watch. Their favorite colors are navy blue, pink, lavender, silver and gold. They love to dance so they prefer loose fluid clothing in silks, cottons and satins that flow with them as they move. They also like cheap street chic of a red vinyl mini-skirt orrepparttar 123285 surprise offered byrepparttar 123286 wearing of a bright yellow sari to a garden party. Turquoises, rubies, pearls and citrines are their favorite stones. These free spirits also like natural jewelry are not beyond tucking a few blossoms behind their ears. Cancer Cancer females dress according to their mood. They can be very insecure when it comes to their bodies and often buy outfits on impulse that are never seen outsiderepparttar 123287 change-room doors. As they are so driven by their emotions, Cancer females are notrepparttar 123288 most practical of shoppers. Although they maintain a people-pleasing conservative exterior most ofrepparttar 123289 time they secretly lust for risqué lingerie, platform heels, plunging necklines and showers of chiffon and sequins. They also collect scores of designer shoes that they are too insecure to wear out in public, These charming, but shy individuals like to play byrepparttar 123290 rules at work by wearing traditional suit with belowrepparttar 123291 knee hemlines. They loverepparttar 123292 military works and prefer navy suits with gold buttons Many ofrepparttar 123293 are secret fetishists who hide kinky costumes in their closets Cancers are fond of loose comfortable casual wear and often hide their bodies behind overly large men's shirts and black tights. For fancy events, they tend to rely on that old stand-by such asrepparttar 123294 little black cocktail dress. They love to collect costume jewelry and their ears, wrists and fingers will often boasts 'bling blings such as stacks of Indian bangles, large pearl rings, charm bracelets, and cubic zirconias. Leo This vain drama queens love to dress up forrepparttar 123295 purpose of being admired by all. They have exquisite and expensive tastes in clothing and lust after items created by Prada, Chanel, and Ungaro. Their desire to "not be a sheep" compels them to add a personal twist to an outfit to make it their own. It is a Lioness who dares to pair a diamond tiara with jeans and a T-shirt. These unconventional, confident females often ignore dress codes and wear what they want to work. They spice up their power suits by shorteningrepparttar 123296 hem or wearing fishnet stockings and high heels. The sexy Leo often prefer mini-skirts to any kind of trousers. For more formal events they like to wear long flowing robes in colors such as of gold, silver red and orange that make them look likerepparttar 123297 resident goddesses. Their closets are often filled with designer sportswear, includingrepparttar 123298 latest walking, golf and tennis shoes. Being a very materialistic sign, a Tiger female considers diamonds to be a girl's best friend along with rubies, emeralds and sapphires set in sunny hunks of solid gold.

Virgo Blessed with an excellent fashion sense, Virgos are adept at mixing individual pieces together to create a strong, attractive personal statement. Energetic Virgins tend to store their large wardrobe in perfectly organized closets that are full of classic items such as open-toed sling backs, patent leather kitten-heels, crisp white blouses, navy suits, black cocktail dresses, tennis skirts, khaki shorts, kilts, flowing gowns and well fitting jeans. At work they prefer well-tailored, conservative suits in shades of silver, white, pink, grey or lavender Finicky Virgins would also never be caught dead with a missing button or a hole in their stocking. Although female Virgins are killer sharks when it comes to business, they like to softenrepparttar 123299 image of their power suits by adding delicate feminine touches such as a lace hankie, a flower or a chiffon scarf. They also like to collect state ofrepparttar 123300 art accessories such as tortoise shell clips for their hair, diamond earrings, pearl studs, black leather belts with distinctive buckles, silver conch belts, silver clutch purses, gold lame clutches and functional back-packs. They consider displays of wealth to be tacky and tend to wear watches with thin gold straps, tiny chains and demure diamond tennis bracelets. Libra Venus rules sensual Libra natives, so they are very tactile. Their sense of touch has a lot to do with how they choose clothing, and they prefer silks and cottons to scratchy wools. Librans can be surprisingly finicky about clothing, and they arerepparttar 123301 first to visit a tailor ifrepparttar 123302 cut of a suit or a dress is not quite right. This sign loves balance and beauty and believe that clothing should perfectly complimentrepparttar 123303 figure.

A Crash Course in Tarot for Newbies #2

Written by Sam Stevens

If you would like to learn to read tarot cards, your first challenge is to choose a deck fromrepparttar 8,000 or so published brands of fortune telling cards onrepparttar 123268 market. What works for one person often doesn't for another. Some people are comfortable reading several decks and others just identify with one deck. In my experience you will find that over time, you will grow in and out of several decks. You may also find thatrepparttar 123269 deck that you prefer to use to read yourself is notrepparttar 123270 deck that you prefer to use read others. For instance, when I first began reading I started out with a deck that was too heavy for me - The Crowley Deck. The ultimate result of that was that I ended up selling them because I was spooked outrepparttar 123271 images ofrepparttar 123272 deck. I was simply too young to handlerepparttar 123273 imagery on this dark deck and was giving myself nightmares. I then switched torepparttar 123274 Rider Waite Deck for a few years, which isrepparttar 123275 ultimate easy, all -purpose deck. I then fell in love withrepparttar 123276 Renaissance Deck which is much more elaborate in terms of it's imagery and a bit more pointed in its meanings when it came to describing relationships. Then I entered a period when I was yearning for more simplicity, I switched torepparttar 123277 Palladini deck, which is very pure and has a "lighter feeling." (Kind of likerepparttar 123278 Pollyanna of Tarot Decks.) Now that I am older, I am back torepparttar 123279 Crowley Deck andrepparttar 123280 Order ofrepparttar 123281 Golden Stair decks, which are a little heavier in feel. There are also lots of specialty or eclectic decks onrepparttar 123282 market that might appeal to you more thanrepparttar 123283 Rider Waite, but learningrepparttar 123284 Rider Waite is like going to high school. Psychic Realm reader Bacchus for instance, usesrepparttar 123285 Haindl deck for his readings, which has a Nordic feel and is a permutation ofrepparttar 123286 classic Rider-Waite deck, but as wonderful as it is, I don't think it is a beginner deck. Here are some good decks I can recommend for beginners that are based onrepparttar 123287 Rider Waite System of meanings. The Rider Waite Deck The Aquatic Tarot -repparttar 123288 same asrepparttar 123289 Rider Waite but realized in watercolors The Pamela Colman Tarot -repparttar 123290 same imagery asrepparttar 123291 Rider Waite but done in brighter more psychedelic colors The Golden Tarot -repparttar 123292 same as Rider Waite butrepparttar 123293 imagery is more medieval The Palladini Tarot -repparttar 123294 same as Rider Waite but with very simple, cheerful drawings The Renaissance Tarot -repparttar 123295 same as Rider Waited but enhanced with images fromrepparttar 123296 Renaissance age. You can find a selection of Tarot Decks inrepparttar 123297 Psychic Realm store offrepparttar 123298 main page or browserepparttar 123299 web and buy one that catches your eye online. I recommend doing a little online research first and finding places you can view different decks online because most storeowners won't let you open and handle their deck because it means removingrepparttar 123300 plastic from their packaging. However,repparttar 123301 best way to be sure is to go to a store, pick uprepparttar 123302 deck and see if you likerepparttar 123303 feel ofrepparttar 123304 cards once you have done some research onrepparttar 123305 imagery in them. The feel, weight or look ofrepparttar 123306 cards often "speaks" to you. If you a feel a connection withrepparttar 123307 images onrepparttar 123308 cards or even how they feel in your hands, then that is probablyrepparttar 123309 deck that you will relate to best. I also recommend a deck that comes with a small book insiderepparttar 123310 package or box so you will have something to quickly reference if you should get lost while reading.

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