Style over content

Written by Alex Cruickshank

One ofrepparttar most common and mis-used phrases relating torepparttar 129940 Web is 'Content is king'. More often than not,repparttar 129941 truth is more like 'Content is lacking'. This is because Web developers' bosses or clients tend to confuse a good-looking site with one that's useful. It's a legacy fromrepparttar 129942 days of print marketing, when ultra-glossy brochures and catalogues were essential to promote a successful company image.

But onrepparttar 129943 Web, such a policy falls flat on its face, because big graphics files take ages to download. Curious about what your site looks like to those without access torepparttar 129944 latest technology? Then unplug that leased line, replace it with a 56K modem, set your display to 800 x 600 with 256 colours, and switch offrepparttar 129945 external CPU cache in your PC's BIOS. Empty your browser's cache and access your site now. Ifrepparttar 129946 home page takes much longer than ten seconds to load, or looks badly designed, you can bet that a sizeable proportion of new visitors to your site will get bored and go elsewhere.

There are simple steps you can take to increaserepparttar 129947 load speed of your site. First, don't do as one Webmaster did, and assign four separate image files to four identical home page logos, thus ensuring thatrepparttar 129948 page took around three times longer to load than was necessary... On a more sensible note, treat your graphics images as MP3 files - be aware that you can remove some ofrepparttar 129949 'unseen' data and yet maintainrepparttar 129950 quality appearance of your site.

Choose your format carefully. JPEG is great for photos and other colour-rich images; use standard encoding rather than progressive encoding, as some older browsers don't supportrepparttar 129951 latter. JPEG is a lossy compression format, and onrepparttar 129952 Web you can afford to lose a bit of detail in order to save space. Typically a 30-40% compression level will retain enough detail to keeprepparttar 129953 image usable, while dramatically reducingrepparttar 129954 size ofrepparttar 129955 image. Some images - notably those with plenty of continuous tones - will compress better than others. Experiment with compression settings until you're happy withrepparttar 129956 result.

Writing Fiction for The Internet

Written by Andy Walsh

'We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master'.

Ernest Hemingway


One ofrepparttar best things aboutrepparttar 129938 internet isrepparttar 129939 freedom that it can give. Within reason, you can talk to anyone, anywhere about mostly anything. It is a great communication tool.

Recently, duringrepparttar 129940 Seattle earthquake, I was able to get minute-by- minute feedback about what was going on from people that I've met online - real-time information even though I was sat in my office acrossrepparttar 129941 other side ofrepparttar 129942 world inrepparttar 129943 UK.

One ofrepparttar 129944 areas that is currently being revolutionised byrepparttar 129945 internet isrepparttar 129946 world of publishing. You can have your writing available to millions of people within a few hours. The frustration of rejection after rejection from traditional publishers can partly be assuaged.

You can do this too.

You can have your novel, your short story or your poem available for repparttar 129947 entire technological world to read. You can meet and talk with writers from all overrepparttar 129948 world. You can critique other people's work and get feedback on your own.

In short, you can become part ofrepparttar 129949 biggest writing circle this world has ever seen.

In this book, I'll be advising you how to get started -repparttar 129950 things you need to get yourself up and running. I'll be including links to useful sites and resources. I'll show you how to build a website that will be a showcase for your work. I'll also give you advice about that most difficult of tasks: marketing your book.

I hope this book gives yourepparttar 129951 inspiration to get started.

'I love being a writer. What I can't stand isrepparttar 129952 paperwork'.

Peter De Vries

Getting Started

You've written your blockbuster. You've sent it off to a dozen agents and publishers. Then...then it happens -repparttar 129953 rejection letters start to arrive.

I'm sorry, this really isn't for us.

This is only a personal opinion, of course, but...

You write well but we're not inrepparttar 129954 market for this kind of work at repparttar 129955 moment.

Allrepparttar 129956 best in your efforts to get published.

The first two or three rejections make you feel small and pathetic. The next two or three make you angry. If you're lucky, byrepparttar 129957 time repparttar 129958 sixth and seventh rejection comes your way, you're used to it.

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