Stuffing the Spammers!

Written by Robin Henry

I'm really, truly fed up with spam. Every day whenrepparttar spam arrives and Norton Security moves it intorepparttar 139135 Norton Anti-spam folder of my Outlook email client, I wonder how anyone can be so incredibly stupid as to waste their time sending me such garbage.

Let's face it; I never read it. I never buy anything from unsolicited sources or do anything as a result of spam. I detest it! And God knows I don't need viagra, however many times it's offered.

What fool would send anyone a message about a mortgage application approval when he has owned his house for years?

What fool would write offering me a peep at her new porn site? I'm not interested in porn ... I preferrepparttar 139136 real thing. Offer me something tangible and I may get excited.

I guess you probably feelrepparttar 139137 same.

Unfortunately,repparttar 139138 plague of spam isn't going to fade away any time soon, although authorities (at least in Australia) have started taking legal action and imposing hefty penalties for spamming. Hallelujah!

As a last resort, I decided to make my own small contribution to reducingrepparttar 139139 spam plague. If each of us does something,repparttar 139140 cumulative effect will be damaging torepparttar 139141 spammers. Here's what I did. I've collected thousands of email addresses that arrived in spam messages and ended up in my blacklist. I decided I'd give those people using automatic harvesting software an opportunity to suck up all those addresses and reuse them.

Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part XIII

Written by David D. Deprice

DVD Detective - $26

DVD Detective will give You EVERYTHING you need to make copies of your DVDs! DVD Detective comes complete with all ofrepparttar software and easy to follow step-by-step eGuide that runs right on your computer that visually walks you throughrepparttar 138101 exact process of copying a DVD with your computer CD Writer.

All you need is a computer with a DVD Player and a CD-R (or CD-RW) drive, minimum 10GB Hard Drive space, and blank CD-Rs. DVD Detective runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP platforms. (Sorry no Macintosh version, yet)

*If you wish to copy DVD to DVD-R, you will need a DVD Burner and Blank DVD-Rs.

Now, you can convert your DVD Movies torepparttar 138102 ever so popular DivX format. Have you ever tried downloading DivX movies off ofrepparttar 138103 'Net. Most are out of sync and blurry. Do it right with DVD Detective and create your own crystal clear DivX movies.

Your Video CDs will play in your home entertainment DVD Player just like a regular DVD.

All it takes is one errant scratch and your $20 DVD is a drink coaster. DVD Detective lets you make a backup of your DVD discs (for personal use, of course) to protect your investment.


* Download Full-Length Movies & Games

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