Stuff Happens

Written by Dave Balch

Stuff happens. You can't always be perfect, and people don't expect you to be, but when something goes wrong you have a great opportunity to learn a number of interesting things about people in general and yourself in particular, as well as how to handle such situations. As an example, here's something that recently happened to me.

I have a free newsletter that I send by email. When someone signs up for it at my website, I send them a "Welcome" message to thank them for subscribing and to send themrepparttar most recent issue. Last week I accidentally sent this "Welcome" message to my entire list of over 2500 existing subscribers in 20+ countries!

I realized what had happened within 5 minutes, and immediately sent a message torepparttar 101843 entire list (on purpose this time!) to apologize and not to worry; they were not onrepparttar 101844 list twice and would not be receiving duplicate newsletters inrepparttar 101845 future. The reaction was immediate and surprising, to sayrepparttar 101846 least. One ofrepparttar 101847 first to respond told me that he never subscribed (remember, this message was thanking people for subscribing), that I better not charge him for it or he will report me torepparttar 101848 FBI (!), and that I was a "stinking con-artist". What made this especially interesting is that this particular individual has been receiving my newsletter every other week for over a year!!!

Several others told me that they never subscribed and to remove them fromrepparttar 101849 list. Again, all of them had, in fact, subscribed and had been receivingrepparttar 101850 newsletter for many months. (I have never nor would I ever sendrepparttar 101851 newsletter to anyone who hadn't specifically requested it.)

What's a Career Coach? Do I need one?

Written by Deborah Walker

You may have noticed one ofrepparttar latest trends in career management is to have your own career coach. It's not really a new concept. Executives have known for yearsrepparttar 101842 value of investing inrepparttar 101843 expertise of a career professional. You may still wonder, "What's a career coach?" and more importantly, "Do I need one?"

The best way to illustraterepparttar 101844 value of a career coach is to compare them to personal trainers. Anyone can go to a gym and work out. Having a personal trainer is not a prerequisite to fitness. The value of a personal trainer is that he/she helps their client achieve their fitness goal quicker and with better results. Similarly, a career coach acceleratesrepparttar 101845 job search process resulting in significantly higher starting salary.

A job-search campaign demands specific skills such as resume and cover letter writing, networking, interviewing and negotiations. The best jobs don't necessarily go torepparttar 101846 most qualified, but rather, to those withrepparttar 101847 sharpest job-search skills. An effective career coach provides expert advise, insight and training on these essential skills giving their clients a tremendous competitive advantage.

The most effective job-search campaign has a strategic marketing plan and focus. No corporation would launch a new product without a marketing plan. Every phase is carefully orchestrated to maximize sales results. A career coaches can help you develop an action plan designed to 1) uncover more job leads, 2) secure more interviews, 3) maximize interview results, 4) increaserepparttar 101848 number of job offers, and 5) significantly increase your salary.

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