Study Smart by drawing colorful pictures

Written by Janice

Studying can be boring. After reading an entire chapter of text, can you rememberrepparttar facts presented inrepparttar 139046 chapter? How much of what you read can you actually understand and apply duringrepparttar 139047 tests or exams?

There is a fun way to take notes and actually makerepparttar 139048 chapter come to live.

Ever heard of Mind Mapping?

No, it is not about anything psychic. It is simply drawing colorful images to represent things. It can be used for summarizingrepparttar 139049 facts in a book and retaining what you have read. It can also be used as a brainstorming tool or for planning. Personally, I use it a lot in my work. It helps me be more effective.

So how do you start?

Get some color pnecils and blank paper, or a sketchbook.

Go throughrepparttar 139050 section or chapter you are revising. 1. Identifyrepparttar 139051 main idea or fact in this section.

' Buyer BEWARE '

Written by Gary Durkin

“ Buyer beware. “


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You may not be familiar withrepparttar title of this article, or indeed my writing style - but often they go ‘hand-in-hand’.

I use phrases or sayings to support my articles - as this often acts as a good starting point to drive home various key facts I am trying to emphasize to my readers.

The phrase or saying ‘Buyer beware’ has some legal background, but is more often linked to everyday life when trying to warn people againstrepparttar 139017 perils of purchasing - that’s purchasing, often without good deliberation, consideration of facts - or sometimes just good old ‘commonsense’ (me included!)

Today’s fast pace World is all about ‘here and now ‘ getting things done today - action, not delays.

We are all part of it. We all want things immediately, we hate waiting, postponing, complications…..

Without this hyper-energetic lifestyle, there would be no need for fast-food, microwave ovens, email, cell phones, instant coffee, 500 TV / Cable channels, express elevators…….

But … that’srepparttar 139018 World we live in, andrepparttar 139019 life we lead.

Who, more than anyone, has grasped this concept of high-energy, turbo-boosted lifestyles than….repparttar 139020 sales, business and marketing industry?

They are dominating virtually every aspect of our lives, often subliminal, subconsciously - but always effectively.

This drivesrepparttar 139021 passion inside us, acting asrepparttar 139022 catalyst which results in our eagerness, need, often greed - to make impulse decisions, instantaneous purchases…. many of which are regrettable.

Hands up those of us who have never bought something onrepparttar 139023 spur ofrepparttar 139024 moment, then later wished they hadn’t??

It’s not all our fault.

Whilst we must hold ourselves partly accountable, society too, but we mustn't forgetrepparttar 139025 experts all around us who are preying on our weaknesses - to make ‘that’ sale.

It’s all about…..

‘BUY NOW - Limited Stocks’. ‘ Sale Ends SOON’. ‘ Offer Won’t Last Long’. ‘ This Deal Closes Tomorrow’. ‘Price Goes Up At Midnight’. ‘Get It While You Still Can’. ‘One Day Sale’.

It’s all very clever marketing and sales techniques - nothing illegal (not usually), some might say not even immoral.

Here’s a little ‘hint’ aboutrepparttar 139026 morality of ‘sales’……….

Where I live, I am constantly bombarded with Sales and Special Offers, just like many other countries.

I will see an advertisement offering me a 75% discount offrepparttar 139027 normal price of a set of dining room furniture.

Sounds good so far - that’s one hell of a saving - 75% off. This means I pay only one quarterrepparttar 139028 normal price.

However, and here’srepparttar 139029 catch……..repparttar 139030 retailer, part of a large chain, has at some time inrepparttar 139031 past few months, at one of their outlets / stores (usually one of their smallest, and least popular) - placed a ‘higher than normal’ price onrepparttar 139032 items for a short period.

So - usual price in usual stores would be $2,000

But they applied a ‘special’ price at a small, unpopular store of $3,500 - forrepparttar 139033 same items.

Advertise 75% OFF (but hidden inrepparttar 139034 small print they refer torepparttar 139035 price at this ‘one’ store, whererepparttar 139036 item was on sale there for a few days.

SO - here’srepparttar 139037 bottom line.

If it REALLY was 75% off -repparttar 139038 ‘usual’ price of $2,000 - you would pay just $500

However, as they are using this special price from just one of their outlets, you pay 75% off this ‘adjusted’ price of $3,500 - which is $875…. So you are in fact, paying much more than whatrepparttar 139039 real discount should be.

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