Structuring Your Ebook

Written by Angela Booth

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Summary: Got a great idea for an ebook but can't get started? You need a structure.

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Structuring Your Ebook

Copyright (c) 2002 by Angela Booth

(Angela Booth has been a professional writer for 25 years, and is published by mainstream publishers.)

Got a great idea for an ebook but don't know how to start writing it? Findrepparttar 129338 book's structure, and it will (almost) write itself.

I've got three partially-completed books on my hard drives that I'll complete one day. Maybe.

All three books are viable, with great information and great ideas. What they lack is a structure. They're books with a body but no bones.

I started each book thinking thatrepparttar 129339 structure would come to me as I wrote. Many thousands of words later, I'm still waiting.

With luck, I'll manage to work out a structure for each book, and will turn them to profit. However they taught merepparttar 129340 importance of working out a book's structure BEFORE I start writing.

Havingrepparttar 129341 structure in place makes a book easy to write. Writing a book without a structure is like trying to build a house without a blueprint.

=> The structure starts with your working title

How easy do you thinkrepparttar 129342 following ebooks would be to write?

* 101 Ways To Secure A Retirement Income

* Ten Secrets Of A Successful Day Trader

* Every Writer's Quick-Action Guide To Writing An Ebook

* Improve Your Golf In Thirty Days

* Seven Days To Your Own Successful Home Business

These titles make excellent working titles for an ebook, because they provide a built-in structure forrepparttar 129343 book.

You may use your working title, or can change it. You can also use your working title as a sub-title.

Tip: when you decide on a title, print it out and stick it onrepparttar 129344 side of your monitor. While you're writing, you can go off on tangents if you don't keep your book's premise in mind at all times.

=> Create an outline

Come out from underneath that desk! Please don't whine. I don't meanrepparttar 129345 kind of outline that your English teacher harassed you into creating when you were 12.


Written by Jennifer Louden

Did you knowrepparttar critical part of your self is never going away? In fact, to want to killrepparttar 129335 critic off is just playing intorepparttar 129336 Critic's game because it is wanting to kill off a part of yourself. It reinforcesrepparttar 129337 idea that something is wrong with you that needs to be fixed-- "Once I get this critic handled, THEN I'll be able to create."

Here is what works much, much better: acceptrepparttar 129338 critic but always, always remember you--the adult, is in charge. Accept thatrepparttar 129339 critic has gifts to share but he only gets to share them when you say so and even how you say so. Accept that we all contain light and shadow, and our full creative power means we have to listen to allrepparttar 129340 parts of ourselves, icky and angelic.

Fully acknowledgingrepparttar 129341 critical parts of yourself is notrepparttar 129342 same as agreeing, entangling with, arguing with, or believing this part of yourself. The best three tools to be in dialogue withrepparttar 129343 critic are:

1) Tellrepparttar 129344 critic, "Thank you for sharing," when you do not currently need his input.

2) Bossrepparttar 129345 critic back during first drafts, gettingrepparttar 129346 paint onrepparttar 129347 canvas, or designingrepparttar 129348 sweater, then inviterepparttar 129349 critic to be heard during editing, revising, duringrepparttar 129350 times you need discernment.

3) Never letrepparttar 129351 critic haverepparttar 129352 last word. Yourepparttar 129353 adult creator is always in charge.

It's very interesting to me that I had to take medication for 6 weeks (yesterday being exactly 6 weeks since my surgery) to keep my body from rejectingrepparttar 129354 "foreign" object in my body...that is,repparttar 129355 stainless steel knee and ligaments andrepparttar 129356 connective cement. It makes me think of how often we reject our creative something that will renew us comes right into our laps and we reject it, consciously or consciously. The medicine that I had to take had to be monitored carefully. I had to have bloodwork every week, and I had to monitor some of my foods because excess Vitamin K threwrepparttar 129357 dosage off. Each week,repparttar 129358 dosage was tweaked to make sure that this medication, this tonic for bodily acceptance, was working properly. ACCEPTING a gift of renewal, it seems, is tough needs monitoring, upkeep, attention, andrepparttar 129359 willingness to surrender to what pain can teach us. Just as that which our spiritual expansiveness requires from us.

She sits inrepparttar 129360 salon ofrepparttar 129361 Mable Dodge Luhan house onrepparttar 129362 outskirts of Taos, New Mexico. Her hand moves acrossrepparttar 129363 page. The smell of currant scones drifts out fromrepparttar 129364 kitchen. She sighs and tells me later, over dinner, that she has never had this much time to write in her life. It is both exhilarating and frightening. "I'm learning I don't like to write in solitude, I like to be around people. I'm learning I don't want to write six hours a day but three. I'm learning I want to write and also do other things in my life."

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