Structure + Boundaries = Freedom

Written by Joanne Victoria

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Workplace boundaries will prevent you from reacting to others' interference and getting angry at their disturbances.

No matter what size your business is, you need to set boundaries and provide structure to your workday. You determine your schedule, not your clients or vendors. If you decide your day starts at 9:30 AM, then don't answerrepparttar 117626 phone or turn onrepparttar 117627 computer until then.

Startrepparttar 117628 day with a good breakfast. Breakfast isrepparttar 117629 most important meal ofrepparttar 117630 day. Break-the-fast like a king or queen. Don't forgetrepparttar 117631 protein. Take frequent breaks during repparttar 117632 day to give your brain cells a rest. Schedule in exercise forrepparttar 117633 body as well as relaxation forrepparttar 117634 brain.

Leave your office for lunch at least 3 workdays per week. It's much too easy to work through lunch, eat at your desk and ignore your personal needs.

Don't forget those evening meetings, whether networking or classes. Allow time to leave work, home office or a job, revitalize yourself, and be ready for these events.

If you work with others, learn to close your door or put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your cubicle. It's difficult to concentrate when constantly interrupted. If you allow full access to co-workers, clients or vendors, you may wind up being angry or over-reactive to minor infractions.

The telephone works three ways: you can pick it up, hang it up or not touch it at all. Have voice mail or an answering service. Listening to incoming calls on an answering machine will only prove a distraction. Should I or shouldn't I answer that? OK, I'll pick it up. It's never as important as you think.

If you are working on a project, give it one hour of effort at a time. Check messages and deciderepparttar 117635 importance and urgency of these calls. Then decide if you need more protein. Athletes are notrepparttar 117636 only people who require constant nourishment. Using your brain is exhausting, but has never been given enough credibility.


Written by Grady Smith

So, you want to work from home. But what kind of business should you start?

With thousands of home business opportunities onrepparttar internet, many entrepreneurs find themselves jumping into home opportunities solely based onrepparttar 117625 amount they can earn.

But you have to remember; home business is stillrepparttar 117626 real world. If you have a degree in marketing, you wouldnít even waste your time trying to repair computers unless you have a strong knowledge ofrepparttar 117627 subject. But entrepreneurs continually leap into home businesses that require a skill they donít even posses.

What to do? Well, you need to first outline your strengths. Find out what you excel at and apply that to a field that would work from home.

For instance, your friend might be making $16,000 a month using MLM programs. You think, great, Iíll join under him and make $16,000 too! But your friendís skills include a persuasive personality and a passion for talking onrepparttar 117628 phone. Youíre more hands on, and enjoy being a little more creative.

You take up your position under your friend and really crash and burn. Mayberepparttar 117629 landing is so hard that you tell yourself youíre never going to invest another minute in creating a home business opportunity.

But if you had played on your strengths, and instead wrote an ebook on crafting, you may have well exceeded your friendís earnings if youíd only takenrepparttar 117630 right direction for you.

So, how do you find what home business is right for you? I have found that home business opportunities generally fall into three categories. Someone thatís good at marketing would probably prefer and shine doing MLM, while someone that loves to help people would do better in a service position.

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