Stretching and the Warm up – Are You Confused?

Written by Brad Walker

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions referring torepparttar latest studies and research findings, and one question that I receive most queries about concernsrepparttar 145299 role that stretching plays as part ofrepparttar 145300 warm up.

Currently, there seems to be a lot of confusion about how and when stretching should be used as part ofrepparttar 145301 warm up, and some people are underrepparttar 145302 impression that stretching should be avoided altogether.

This is a very important issue and needs to be clarified immediately. The rest of this article is dedicated to dispelling some common myths and misconceptions about stretching and its’ role as part ofrepparttar 145303 warm up.

What has Science got to say?

Most ofrepparttar 145304 studies I've reviewed attempt to determinerepparttar 145305 effects of stretching on injury prevention. This is a mistake in itself and shows a lack of understanding as to how stretching is used as part of an injury prevention program andrepparttar 145306 warm up.

Stretching and its effect on physical performance and injury prevention is something that just can't be measured scientifically. Sure you can measurerepparttar 145307 effect of stretching on flexibility with simple tests likerepparttar 145308 “Sit and Reach” test, but then to determine how that affects athletic performance or injury susceptibility is near impossible.

One ofrepparttar 145309 more recent studies on stretching supports this view by concluding;

"Due torepparttar 145310 paucity, heterogeneity and poor quality ofrepparttar 145311 available studies no definitive conclusions can be drawn as torepparttar 145312 value of stretching for reducingrepparttar 145313 risk of exercise-related injury." (The efficacy of stretching for prevention of exercise-related injury: a systematic review ofrepparttar 145314 literature, 2003, Weldon)

To putrepparttar 145315 above quote in layman’s terms; there hasn’t been enough studies done andrepparttar 145316 studies that have been done are not specific or consistent enough. Forrepparttar 145317 most comprehensive assessment and conclusion of research done onrepparttar 145318 affects of stretching I suggest you have a read throughrepparttar 145319 following article, “The Truth about Stretching.”

The Greatest Misconception

Confusion about what stretching accomplishes, as part ofrepparttar 145320 warm up, is causing many to abandon stretching altogether. The key to understandingrepparttar 145321 role stretching plays can be found inrepparttar 145322 previous sentence. But, you have to read it carefully.

Stretching, as part ofrepparttar 145323 warm up!

Here’srepparttar 145324 key: Stretching is a critical part ofrepparttar 145325 warm up, but stretching is NOTrepparttar 145326 warm up.

Don’t makerepparttar 145327 mistake of thinking that doing a few stretches constitutes a warm up. An effective warm up has a number of very important key elements, which work together to minimizerepparttar 145328 likelihood of sports injury and preparerepparttar 145329 individual for physical activity.

Identifyingrepparttar 145330 components of an effective and safe warm up, and executing them inrepparttar 145331 correct order is critical. Remember, stretching is only one part of an effective warm up and its’ place inrepparttar 145332 warm up routine is specific and dependant onrepparttar 145333 other components. The four key elements that should be included to ensure an effective and complete warm up are:

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Written by John Doetsch

Protein makes up every living cell, tissue, skin, bone, blood, and muscle. It builds new tissues and repairs damaged ones. It builds resistance to disease. It is alsorepparttar one in charge in generating energy and heat.

If your body lacks protein, your cells will likely to function improperly, cellular repair is impaired and immune function will be handicapped. You will also experience irregularities in your body’s functions. Aside from that, your body can also be deficient in many vitamins and minerals such as thiamin, niacin, calcium, riboflavin, andrepparttar 145121 likes.

Protein is both critical to health and weight loss. It is not stored inrepparttar 145122 body so you need a regular supply of it. Seventy grams of protein a day isrepparttar 145123 adequate amount needed byrepparttar 145124 body. Be sure to have it right so that your metabolism will be stimulated through its thermogenic effect. It will also alleviate your insulin levels to metabolize fat accurately.

If you want to gain muscles, you need protein – that simple! A solid protein rich diet keepsrepparttar 145125 body inrepparttar 145126 positive nitrogen balance. Whenrepparttar 145127 muscles are taking on new amino acids at a faster rate, it means that they are growing and developing.

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