Stretch Marks Can Affect All Of Us

Written by David Stanton

Stretch marks can affect all of us. Many people assumerepparttar cause of stretch marks (also known as striae) is pregnancy, and so only pregnant women and mothers are affected. Body builders often suffer from striae, andrepparttar 150681 majority of these body builders are men. People who gain a great deal of weight are also susceptible to stretch marks. In short, anytime skin is stretched quickly or dramatically, striae are apt to appear.

Not only can striae affect both men and women, but they can affect children, teens, and adults. Skin is a remarkable organ. One of skin's most remarkable abilities is its ability to stretch.

Elastin and collagen are two ofrepparttar 150682 building blocks of skin. Collagen is a binding agent in skin. Elastin provides skin with, you guessed it, its elasticity.

Feeling Low? Perk Up with Dermaglow Up-lift Breast Firming Gel

Written by Dermaglow

Spare yourselfrepparttar knife and perk up with Dermaglow Up-lift Breast Firming Gel. New from VitalScience, Dermaglow Up-lift isrepparttar 150680 only product clinically proven to firm and tone your breasts.

The breast is fixed torepparttar 150681 thorax byrepparttar 150682 Cooper's ligament and it is only supported and given shape byrepparttar 150683 cutaneous jacket. Whether it's childbearing, breast-feeding, weight fluctuation, age or simply gravity; a woman's breasts will eventually lose its elasticity and firmness and head south. It is for this reason thatrepparttar 150684 ingredient Kigeline is so important.

Kigeline is a phyto-hormone derived fromrepparttar 150685 fruit ofrepparttar 150686 Kigelia Africana tree and acts to preventrepparttar 150687 relaxing of skin tissue while increasing firmness and tension. Phyto-hormones are plant chemicals remarkably similar to human hormone secretions. They are rich in bioflavonoids and they contain effective antioxidants. Scientific investigations have confirmed thatrepparttar 150688 flavanoids and phyto hormones contained inrepparttar 150689 flesh ofrepparttar 150690 fruit are responsible forrepparttar 150691 toning effect because of their hormone-like qualities. Clinical results onrepparttar 150692 firming properties of kigeline have been achieved at 5% concentration; Dermaglow Up-lift Breast Firming Gel isrepparttar 150693 only breast product onrepparttar 150694 market with 5% kigeline.

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