Stress Relief Tips

Written by Ryan Fyfe

With how busy we keep ourselves on a day to day basis, itís no wonder that so many of us suffer from stress. Stress is something that is almost impossible to avoid, because ofrepparttar way that we are wired. With that said though stress can be easily dealt with in many ways.

Exercise - Exercise always pops into articles like this: Thatís because itís important. Exercise hasrepparttar 139301 ability to relax both your mind and your body. One ofrepparttar 139302 big advantages that exercise has is that it forces you to get out, and to maintain some balance. If your working a lot, and are having a hard time getting other things done in life, you can easily make a deal with yourself to get out for a walk everyday at lunch time. This will allow you to clear your head and be more focused in your work, and also it will allow you time to relax, spend some time with nature, and remember that a physical wellness has a huge impact on mental wellness

Reward - Reward yourself. Too often we get into patterns where we work too much, sleep to little, and run our body intorepparttar 139303 ground. Take breaks daily, weekly, monthly. Get up duringrepparttar 139304 day from your work, and get in a walk. Take a weekend get away to freshen up your mind from your work. Take a yearly trip to experience something different fromrepparttar 139305 9-5 grind back home. I understand that not all of these things are capable but they are all possible in moderation and with:

Intuition Power Made Easy

Written by Steve Gillman

Have you ever used your intuition to solve problems? Can you trust your intuition? Can you improve it?

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is simply a feeling , sense, or hunch based on information not available to your conscious mind. Some say this comes fromrepparttar ether or wherever, but I'm content to believe that our minds have a lot more going on in there than we know.

How can Gary Kasparov win a chess game against a computer that can calculate positions many moves further ahead than he can? By using his intuitive grasp ofrepparttar 139271 game. His experience allows him to combine analysis with a "sense" of which move is best.

Intuition can also warn us. My wife and I felt we shoudn't get on that bus in South America. We knew crowded busses were prime hunting grounds for pickpockets, and we sawrepparttar 139272 drunk man bumping into people. We didn't think about these things consciously, but they registered in our minds, and warned us. We ignored our intuition, and I was robbed.

Of course, you can have a hunch for irrelevant reasons too. If you were hit by a taxi as a child, you might have "intuitive" hunches not to get into taxis forrepparttar 139273 rest of your life. So how do you know when to trust your intuition?

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