Stress Relief During Pregnancy

Written by Beverley Brooke

Stress Relief During Pregnancy If you truly want to ensure a great pregnancy, you should work on keeping a healthy and positive physical, mental and spiritual state. There is substantial evidence which suggests that a motherís physical and mental wellness during pregnancy can affect not onlyrepparttar outcome of their pregnancy butrepparttar 136642 well being of their child later in life. You relationship with your baby begins atrepparttar 136643 moment of conception.

There are many things aside from physical factors that can impact your pregnancy. Stress is one ofrepparttar 136644 more common problems many pregnant mothers face at some point during their pregnancy. While stress in and of itself isnít always bad, prolonged stress can be damaging to a pregnancy. Most people associate stress that is harmful during pregnancy with physical labor. However, emotional stress may be just as damaging. Stress actually causes certain hormones inrepparttar 136645 body to be produced, and some scientists have suggested that these hormones can promote miscarriage or even bring on pre-term labor.

The best thin you can to do to ensurerepparttar 136646 well being of your baby is to minimize both physical and emotional stress as much as possible. Here are some stress reducing tips you can engage in during your pregnancy to promote a happy and healthy outcome:

Acceptrepparttar 136647 fact that you are pregnant. Some women stress because they thrive on working a very demanding schedule, and attempt to continue to do so throughout their pregnancy. At some point or another however your pregnancy will catch up with you, and you will need to slow down a little bit. Rather than see this is as a burden, consider this a great time to prepare yourself forrepparttar 136648 life you are about to bring intorepparttar 136649 world. Take some time to pamper yourself a bit and give yourself more time for rest and relaxation duringrepparttar 136650 week. This can be time that you spend just with yourself and your baby, without having to share withrepparttar 136651 world around you.

Give up some control. Having a baby changes everything. If you arerepparttar 136652 type of person that likes to be in control, keep in mind that there are many things related to pregnancy and child raising that will be out of your control. You wonít for example be able to sail through pregnancy without any aches and pains (unless you are extraordinarily lucky) but you can work to minimize them. You may have other symptoms such as fatigue and nausea that donít go away. Some women have to go on bed rest during pregnancy. Simply recognizing however that some things are not under your control will help you get a better grip on your pregnancy and arm you to facerepparttar 136653 challenges that lie ahead.

How To Avoid Swelling When Pregnant

Written by Beverley Brooke

Edema, otherwise known as swelling, will affect almost all women at some point during their pregnancy. Swelling or Edema is most oftenrepparttar result of excessive levels of hormones coursing through your body.

Really,repparttar 136641 best thing you can do to combat swelling is to drink far more fluid. It may seem counter intuitive, butrepparttar 136642 more juice and water you drinkrepparttar 136643 less water your body will hold onto andrepparttar 136644 less puffy you will be. You should be working to drink at least 10 eight ounce glasses of water per day. Also try to avoid diuretic beverages such as tea and coffee, which contain caffeine. These are more likely to dehydrate you than invigorate you during your pregnancy.

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