Stress Prevention in a Word - "No"

Written by Robert Cooper

We teach our petsrepparttar meaning ofrepparttar 101918 word. We quickly learned its meaning as toddlers when we reached for mommy or daddy's car keys. Even an anti-drug campaign was built aroundrepparttar 101919 word. Yet, now that we're older, wiser and more responsible,repparttar 101920 word struggles to break free from our own lips when we need to use itrepparttar 101921 most. That word? "No".

Just saying "no" is essential in dealing with, managing, and even preventing stress. Knowing your limitations can prevent you from digging yourself into holes when you realize you can't live up torepparttar 101922 commitment you took on.

It's funny, when we were children, no diplomacy was required. Little Joey would decide that our favorite toy was to become communal property, without our prior notification. When he grabbed for our precious play-thing, "no" just seemed to flow from our lips, and if that didn't do it, we added about 5 more no's . How easy it was back then.

Of course, just saying "no" (and nothing else) to your boss is not wise when they drop one more project on your desk -- adding torepparttar 101923 5 they've already given you. Just saying "no" can be mistaken as subordination. More diplomacy is required!

But, there's a point when we can only take on so much. In order to prevent stress, we have to know our limitations.

What if my performance onrepparttar 101924 job, reputation amongst co-workers and friends is unfairly based on one instance of "just saying no"? ============================ If you are known for being a responsible and reliable person, people tend to take you more seriously when you just can't do something for them. Your reputation of integrity and reliability won't disappear in a "poof" of smoke if you say no to one request.

One thing I never hesitate to do is let people knowrepparttar 101925 exact reasons why I have to turn down a request -- essential when refusing a request from people over you in authority.

Doesn'trepparttar 101926 pile of work in my in-box say I can't take another assignment? ============================ Having a desk with piles of work doesn't say you're busy - it just says you're unorganized or possibly inefficient - and that you need time management and organization help!

Think of yourself as a manufacturing plant ============================ Treat your schedule as importantly asrepparttar 101927 job schedule in a manufacturing plant. A plant production manager always knows what needs to get done, what's been accomplished and would never increase production ifrepparttar 101928 workers can't keep up withrepparttar 101929 workflow. It would look bad on their ability to managerepparttar 101930 workers,repparttar 101931 employees would get disgruntled andrepparttar 101932 inability to fulfill orders would eroderepparttar 101933 company's integrity and reputation.


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

The world is made up of all kinds of people. There are sad models, happy ones, and then there are those that are a little bit of both. Some people go withrepparttar flow and others fight it tooth and nail. Individuals have been known to talk themselves out of dreaded diseases and there are some that cannot “talk their way out of a paper bag.”

If everyone is so diverse in nature and personality, how can we even conceive of getting along, let alone work together? But that’srepparttar 101917 wisdom behind human beings. We are different for a reason, and this reason is so that we can work together, build, and reach far beyondrepparttar 101918 stars andrepparttar 101919 moon.

When you shop for a car, how would you make an educated decision if each model wasrepparttar 101920 same, year after year? There would be no choices and certainly it would takerepparttar 101921 fun out of buying that new vehicle. The array of available cars is breathtaking. There are colors that can match every outfit you own andrepparttar 101922 features are endless. You can have seats that are soft and cushioned, and some even vibrate. Some are heated, and probably some keep you cool as a cucumber inrepparttar 101923 summer heat. If this feature doesn’t exist, then GMC its my idea so send me those residual checks when you install this feature.

People are a lot likerepparttar 101924 models of automobiles that fill dealerships acrossrepparttar 101925 world. We are all of different backgrounds, nationalities, and personalities. Some of us can seerepparttar 101926 sunshine in a day while others keep an eye out for that inevitable thunderstorm. The input of each kind of personality gives usrepparttar 101927 products we have available for our use andrepparttar 101928 endless inventions and innovations that fill stories, factories, and life. There is not a right or a wrong personality. There are just people - unique, special, and very interesting people. Of course, we will not be in sync with each person that crosses our path throughout life. But these individuals that vary with us on values, ideas, and outlooks give us a lot of food for thought. You certainly have encountered someone that you have strongly disagreed with, but then you did find yourself examining what they said, even if it was just to reiterate how wrong they were. The surprise was that they were probably doingrepparttar 101929 very same thing.

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