Strength is a weakness... also

Written by Arvind kumar

McDonald’s becomerepparttar largest national fast – food chain in eighties. They had found their perfect recipe for success. And they were all out to defend their turf comerepparttar 146222 hell. McDonald strength wasrepparttar 146223 hamburger, its uniformity instant delivery and inexpensiveness.

The advertising said aboutrepparttar 146224 top ofrepparttar 146225 live,repparttar 146226 Big Mac: “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun.”

What should berepparttar 146227 best strategy to attack a leader, who is all out to defend his ground?

Simple, changerepparttar 146228 battle ground and rules itself. Studyrepparttar 146229 leader and take 180° about turn and walk and choose your own ground to launch an attack.

Photography Business: Taking Baby Photos - for Professionals & Families

Written by Roy Barker

Copyright 2005 Roy Barker

Babies makerepparttar best andrepparttar 146206 worst subjects to photograph. They arerepparttar 146207 best for two reasons, people are more tolerant at looking at baby photos, as well asrepparttar 146208 fact that babies are not aware their image is being captured, and therefore they do not tend to put onrepparttar 146209 “camera face” so typically used by elder children and adults. They arerepparttar 146210 worst subjects because their behaviour is unpredictable. Because their behaviour is uncensored, they show their emotions, and can just as easily cry as gurgle happily intorepparttar 146211 camera.

One ofrepparttar 146212 most challenging aspects of photographing a baby is to controlrepparttar 146213 subject. Onrepparttar 146214 one hand you want them relatively still, but too much control andrepparttar 146215 photo loses its impetuousness. Lighting and background are both important, you wantrepparttar 146216 background as uncluttered and simple as possible ifrepparttar 146217 photograph is indoors, or as natural as possible outside, a piece of grass is ideal. The lighting should be coming from at least two directional sources, but if it is too strong it will throw shadows that complicaterepparttar 146218 picture, and often loserepparttar 146219 wonderful facial expressions it is possible to capture. However don’t miss those impromptu shots either especially with a digital camera, you can always editrepparttar 146220 background later.

It is usually helpful to restrict babies’ activities; they are not portrayed at their best nappy high inrepparttar 146221 air crawling acrossrepparttar 146222 floor. A good way to restrict them is a highchair, or holding them inrepparttar 146223 arms of another person. Baby photography is often better taken very close up, and it is a wise move to look atrepparttar 146224 manual for your camera, and see how close you can get. It is better to get everything set up first, and then placerepparttar 146225 baby in position whenrepparttar 146226 lighting and setting have been chosen. However that of course is not always possible.

Distractions inrepparttar 146227 form of noise, and toys can be a tool, but never forget that a baby’s emotion’s are always lightning fast, and it all makes for great photographs, whether it is tears of frustration, pouring a drink over your best camera, or laughing.

They are often easier to photograph when there is a minimum of people around because they are so easily distracted. The old school of thought was keeprepparttar 146228 mother well out ofrepparttar 146229 way, however I personally can't see any mileage in that, as babies are calmer with someone they know, and in most cases that isrepparttar 146230 mother. Above all remember that photographing babies is fun,repparttar 146231 unexpected if caught at justrepparttar 146232 right moment, makes great memories. Although I doubt if a father who has just picked up their offspring for a photograph will forgetrepparttar 146233 time that their child was sick all over them. Control can only go so far with babies.

Babies are babies for short a period of time, you can never have too many photographs, and here a digital camera can save enormous amounts on both film and development. It also allows for wastage as you can viewrepparttar 146234 results immediately and canrepparttar 146235 ones you don’t want. You will have huge embarrassment value in later life showing your daughter’s first boyfriend her as a baby with no nappy! Another enormous advantage to digital photography is that you don’t have to shootrepparttar 146236 photograph with a little black box in front of your face. This will catch a baby’s emotions perfectly, but is notrepparttar 146237 best way to capture their best expressions. A small child will respond better when they respond to your expressions. By being able to holdrepparttar 146238 camera away from your face you have a chance to capturerepparttar 146239 best of their expressions as well; an LCD screen generally reaps huge benefits.

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