Streaming Video and Audio In the Internet

Written by Lester John M. Policarpio

Entertainment is a necessity! And thank god we belong torepparttar digitalage when almost all our needs are readily available right in repparttar 133578 comforts of our own home.

And now thatrepparttar 133579 Internet is here,repparttar 133580 focus is not merely onrepparttar 133581 issue of merely supplying information torepparttar 133582 users but giving themrepparttar 133583 choice to pick onlyrepparttar 133584 kind of information they are most interested in, when to obtain these information, where to extract these information from and of how these preferred information should take form.

Imagine using your computer in watching your favorite NBA match, your watch your favorite television show orrepparttar 133585 evening newscast and listen torepparttar 133586 live concerts and Webcasts through Castdial. Imagine just sitting in front of your computer screen while searching for articles onrepparttar 133587 hottest political issues rather than going through those pile of newspapers or magazine archives in your local library.

Streaming media is a technique that allows users to view audio and video contents while they are still receiving it. Or as others perceive it, an audio and video file that plays as instantly on a text based content as when a Web page downloads on your browser. And unlike downloading a video or audio file to be played later, it flows to your computer screen enabling you to view its contents simultaneous torepparttar 133588 process of downloading.

So, how do you stream something intorepparttar 133589 Internet? Especially video?

Here arerepparttar 133590 basic steps:

First, in order to stream a data in video form, a person must use a 30-frames-per-second analog video that is fed by a VCH or video camera to a video board withinrepparttar 133591 computer. This must then be converted from an analog wave form into binary data. This representation is stored inrepparttar 133592 computer hard disk and further reduced in size by video compression software. The video compression software then scans each ofrepparttar 133593 frames ofrepparttar 133594 video file and distinguishes which are redundant. The redundant ones are erased. Only needed data are retained.

A user can then watch a file by clicking on an HTML tag embedded in a website. When he does thisrepparttar 133595 video streaming software onrepparttar 133596 remote server is released and a steady stream of data begins to flow. But before he gets to watch this, he must have an interface or a "player" installed in his computer. If he has this, he can then watchrepparttar 133597 file he requested throughrepparttar 133598 website's remote server.

Product Review: Professional Capture System

Written by Richard Lowe

During my career I've written several hundred manuals for dozens of applications, operating systems, routines and hardware. This is an area that I've always felt is vitally important, yet it seems to be either completely overlooked or assigned atrepparttar last minute torepparttar 133577 person who is lowest onrepparttar 133578 organization chart. I've seen projects with implementations that required dozens of man-years, yet didn't have a single page of documentation of any kind.

Just like you, I've heard all ofrepparttar 133579 excuses. User's don't need documentation or won't read it; Documentation is too expensive; The customer won't pay for it; Things are changing too quickly; It will be immediately obsolete; and dozen's of other mindless "truths" to explainrepparttar 133580 lack of delivering vital information in written form.

I know that documentation is tough - I've written enough myself to understand fully how hard it is to get started, to findrepparttar 133581 information, and to just start writing downrepparttar 133582 words. Perhapsrepparttar 133583 toughest task was describing how to do something which I as a programmer and computer veteran do without thinking, but a typical user has absolutely no idea how to even get started.

Then one day I stumbled across a little gem of a tool. It's called Jasc Capture System, and whatrepparttar 133584 program does is allow you to capture some or all of your computer screen. In other words, you can grab part ofrepparttar 133585 screen and save it as an image. This image can then be edited using normal image editing tools, added to documentation and even sent in emails.

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