Strawberries Anyone

Written by Shauna Hanus

How do you feel about strawberries. I personally like them. They are a treat that we eat whole or sliced with drizzled honey. Did you know thatrepparttar average strawberry has about 200 seeds onrepparttar 139936 outside. My kids always contemplate growing strawberries in their tummies after eatingrepparttar 139937 seeds.

A quick and easy way to hull out your strawberries is to insert a straw inrepparttar 139938 bottom ofrepparttar 139939 berry and push it up throughrepparttar 139940 stem.

When you are buying strawberries fromrepparttar 139941 grocery store look for ripe berries that are firm and dry. The green tips should be fresh, not wilted. Turnrepparttar 139942 box over and check that it is dry. Ifrepparttar 139943 bottom is moist or stained some ofrepparttar 139944 berries may be overripe.

To keeprepparttar 139945 berries fresh forrepparttar 139946 longest amount of time, do not wash them when you bring them home. Place them inrepparttar 139947 refrigerator and store until ready to use. Wash them when you take them out to serve, or cook with.

Twinkie Trivia

Written by Shauna Hanus

Did you know that Twinkies were introduced duringrepparttar Depression in Chicago. This little yellow snack cake filled with a mere 160 calories and delicious vanilla cream is enjoyed aroundrepparttar 139935 world. Chicago is stillrepparttar 139936 number one Twinkie eating city inrepparttar 139937 United States, but you can enjoy them anywhere. When they first were introduced Twinkies were filled with Banana Cream. This changed during World War II whenrepparttar 139938 United States suffered a banana shortage. Hostess did start to offer banana cream filled Twinkies as a special promotion a few years ago. My personal experience was they are hard to find. When I wrote to Hostess they sent me a few coupons and their apologies. I did getrepparttar 139939 pleasure a year latter whenrepparttar 139940 illusive banana cream filled Twinkie showed back up on my grocers shelves.

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