Story of Solomon

Written by Michael Bradley

Without question,repparttar greatest story inrepparttar 148284 Bible of someone who sought afterrepparttar 148285 knowledge and wisdom of God and actually received it was King Solomon inrepparttar 148286 Old Testament. What happened to this man was just about beyond belief.

When Solomon became King of Israel, he knew he did not haverepparttar 148287 knowledge and wisdom to properly rule his people. So what did he do? He went direct to Godrepparttar 148288 Father and asked Him for His knowledge and His wisdom to rulerepparttar 148289 people. He admitted his weakness in this area and was not afraid to press in and start asking God for His knowledge.

So what did God do when he asked Him for His knowledge to help rule his people? God did not meet him halfway - He met him allrepparttar 148290 way! As you will see inrepparttar 148291 two verses I will list below - God tells Solomon because he did not ask for long life, riches orrepparttar 148292 death of his enemies for himself - but just asked for an "understanding heart" to judge his people and help with discerning between good and evil - God tells him that He will give him a "wise and understanding heart."

But then God takes it one more incredible step further. He tells Solomon thatrepparttar 148293 knowledge and wisdom that will be given to him will be like what no man has ever had before him and what no man will ever have after him! In other words - God will make this manrepparttar 148294 smartest man in God that has ever lived, and that there would never be another man inrepparttar 148295 course of human history that would ever haverepparttar 148296 knowledge that he would be given.

Just stop and ponder on what an incredible thing that this was - to have been given so much knowledge and wisdom direct from God Himself - that no man would ever be his equal in this gift!

Then God goes one more extra step in order to putrepparttar 148297 icing on this man's cake. He then tells Solomon that since he did not ask for riches for himself - but just forrepparttar 148298 knowledge of God to rule his people - that he will now be given incredible riches and honor to go along withrepparttar 148299 knowledge and wisdom to rule his people. Then God addsrepparttar 148300 final touch onrepparttar 148301 riches and honor he will be given - telling Solomon that there shall never be another king like him allrepparttar 148302 days of his life and that he will surpass allrepparttar 148303 kings ofrepparttar 148304 earth in "riches and wisdom." In other words - God ends up making this manrepparttar 148305 smartest and richest man in all ofrepparttar 148306 earth atrepparttar 148307 time that he was living!

If Solomon was really not asking God for wealth and riches - but just forrepparttar 148308 knowledge and wisdom to rule his people - why would God go so overboard in blessing this man with this kind of wealth - especially if he was not asking for it and possibly not even desiring it?

I believerepparttar 148309 main reason God rewarded Solomon with this kind of maximum wealth was not only to show him, butrepparttar 148310 rest of His people that would come later on,repparttar 148311 extreme importance that each and every person seek afterrepparttar 148312 knowledge of God for their own lives. By blessing Solomon with this kind of wealth - God is telling all of usrepparttar 148313 extreme importance that we seek after Him and His knowledge for our lives.

The Wisdom of this World is Foolishness with God

Written by Michael Bradley

Once you start to receiverepparttar knowledge and wisdom of God flowing into your life - you will find something very interesting that will start to happen. You'll start to seerepparttar 148283 difference betweenrepparttar 148284 knowledge and wisdom of God versusrepparttar 148285 knowledge and wisdom of this world.

You'll see that God is always right and that man is always wrong whenrepparttar 148286 two are on opposites sides ofrepparttar 148287 fence. A perfect example isrepparttar 148288 abortion issue - where you haverepparttar 148289 people who are pro-choice and their arguments versusrepparttar 148290 people who are pro-life with their arguments. From God's point of view - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see who is onrepparttar 148291 wrong side ofrepparttar 148292 fence on this issue.

As you will see inrepparttar 148293 two verses I will list below -repparttar 148294 Bible tells us thatrepparttar 148295 wisdom of this world is "foolishness with God." Since God is all-perfect in His being and in His knowledge - that obviously means that God is always right and man andrepparttar 148296 world is always wrong when they are not onrepparttar 148297 same page. Sorepparttar 148298 first thing you will need to get worked into you is that God, all of His ways and all of His knowledge is always right. You will really need to ground on this becauserepparttar 148299 wisdom ofrepparttar 148300 world can be very enticing at times. You will be tempted into believing whatrepparttar 148301 world has to say instead of believing what God is trying to tell you is right.

Our young teenagers are constantly battling this reality. They are constantly being tempted and enticed to get into drugs, heavy drinking and pre-marital sex. If they have not been grounded inrepparttar 148302 Word and in their faith from a good Christian upbringing by their parents - they can be easily swayed to enter into some of this dark side activity.

You will start to seerepparttar 148303 difference between God's knowledge and how He likes to operate versusrepparttar 148304 business world in general. Many in corporate America are constantly pushingrepparttar 148305 envelope trying to get as far as they, get as much as they can and not caring who they run over and hurt inrepparttar 148306 process. The almighty dollar is their god and they will do anything and everything to make more of it. Many Christians get sucked up into some of these unscrupulous practices and thus end up going against God Himself by some ofrepparttar 148307 shady things they end up doing.

Each Christian has to stay true to His God and His ways when they are faced with these kind of temptations. Study these next two verses very carefully as they really do setrepparttar 148308 stage as to what is going on inrepparttar 148309 spiritual realm when you comparerepparttar 148310 knowledge of God versusrepparttar 148311 knowledge of this world.

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