Story of Rock Island Bend

Written by Mike Clifford/HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com

HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com FREE Spring Photo Contest! (Keep hotlink intact for reproduction) Peter Dombrovskis' most famous photograph, Rock Island Bend, wasrepparttar iconic image ofrepparttar 139200 campaign to stop Tasmania's Hydro-Electric Commission dammingrepparttar 139201 Franklin River. When it appeared as a full-page advertisement inrepparttar 139202 Herald just beforerepparttar 139203 1983 federal election,repparttar 139204 caption was "Would you vote for a party that would destroy this?" The Franklin River was saved with federal intervention.This was not just a political photo. It was also a good photo.

The Spirituality of Pigeons!

Written by Samantha Thurlby-Brooks

I was walking downrepparttar streetrepparttar 139119 other day, walking aroundrepparttar 139120 pigeons and saying “good morning” to them when it dawned on me just how precious they are torepparttar 139121 lives of city slickers.

How many of us have a dislike for these feathered creatures? I often see children chasing pigeons round in circles until they fly away. Once, when I was walking down a street in Oxford, I saw a very smartly dressed man, step down offrepparttar 139122 curb to chase a pigeon a few feet downrepparttar 139123 road! Why is it we have such an attitude towards these birds of nature? You don’t often see people chasing black birds or robins away.

I have come to understand pigeons as being a very precious part of urban life. In places where office blocks and apartments are replacing trees and grass, pigeons still roam. They don’t hang aroundrepparttar 139124 rubbish dumps or scavenge through our bins. They clean our streets ofrepparttar 139125 food we clumsily drop. They tidy uprepparttar 139126 mess we leave.

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