Stop Smoking – Without Weight Gain

Written by Barbara Mascio

Stop Smoking – Without Weight Gain

OH: Stand outside during a smoke break and it won’t be long until you hear every smoker begin to declare that he or she knows quitting is inevitable. The increasing cost of cigarettes alone has made a financial impact onrepparttar smoker.

“I quit, then I gained 20 pounds. I can’t afford to gain weight with my medical history, so I started smoking again,” Leslie B. from Canton Ohio revealed duringrepparttar 149532 smoke break outsiderepparttar 149533 local hospital where she works as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Leslie is an intelligent person and she’s aware that smoking is indeed far more of a risk to her health thanrepparttar 149534 doctor’s order to keep her weight off, however, right now today,repparttar 149535 harm of smoking is not as physically apparent asrepparttar 149536 harm in her weight gain.

The habit and addiction of smoking is undeniable. One ofrepparttar 149537 all-encompassing hurdles to overcome isrepparttar 149538 need for hand to mouth pacification. Many smoking cessation programs encourage smokers to replace that need to pick up a smoke with eating candy, carrots, celery – anything that would appeaserepparttar 149539 urge to pick up ‘something’ and put it in your mouth.

This advice, though logical onrepparttar 149540 surface, is not good advice forrepparttar 149541 person withrepparttar 149542 challenge of weight control. Let’s face it, anything you can put in your mouth, must be edible (withrepparttar 149543 exception of course of cigarettes, which is not an edible product) and could lead to weight gain.

Cold-Eeze Side Effects Lawyer: Zinc Destroys Sense of Smell!

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

Cold-Eeze is a homeopathic solution torepparttar common cold. It is a zinc-based solution that can be taken as a tablet or a nasal spray. Limited studies have found thatrepparttar 149531 nasal spray reducesrepparttar 149532 duration ofrepparttar 149533 common cold to less than three days, down from an average nine days. These amazing results have lead thousands of Americans to try this new medication, with terrible results.

You see, Cold-Eeze has been found to cause anosmia, or a loss of smell and taste. Many Cold-Eeze users experience horrific, almost unbearable burning directly after applyingrepparttar 149534 nasal spray. Most nasal spray stings a little bit, so they continuerepparttar 149535 application, but within one or two daysrepparttar 149536 Cold-Eeze users who experience this pain suddenly cannot smell or taste any longer. Whenrepparttar 149537 cold passes a few days later (Cold-Eeze gets this right!) smell and taste senses have not returned. It is not until these poor patients visit a doctor that they are informed ofrepparttar 149538 devastating truth. Once anosmia sets in, those sense cannot be recovered. Cold-Eeze nasal spray permanently cripplesrepparttar 149539 sense of smell and taste.

The active ingredient in Cold-Eeze, Zincum Guconicum, is sometimes referred to as Zinc Gluconate. It was first used as a nasal spray inrepparttar 149540 1930’s as an experimental treatment for polio, but it did not improverepparttar 149541 condition of polio patients. Instead, doctors found that it often disabledrepparttar 149542 patients’ sense of smell. Unfortunately, doctors are making that discovery all over again today.

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