Stop School Bullying: Do You Think Bullies Deserve a ‘Clean Slate'?

Written by Paula McCoach

Stop School Bullying: Do You Think Bullies Deserve a ‘Clean Slate'? By Paula McCoach

Do you think hardcore bullies deserve a "Clean Slate" atrepparttar beginning ofrepparttar 147273 school year?

You don't?

You don't believe in a 'clean slate' for these students. You feel it only putsrepparttar 147274 students who have put of with them for years through yet another tormenting start torepparttar 147275 school year.

Unless there is convincing evidence that these bullies have "changed" overrepparttar 147276 summer, you feel their history of bullying should follow them intorepparttar 147277 new school year until their behavior proves otherwise.

Immediately atrepparttar 147278 start ofrepparttar 147279 school year, you should identifyrepparttar 147280 hardcore bullies - Kids who you have tried repeatedly to stop bullying other students and who they continued right up torepparttar 147281 end ofrepparttar 147282 school in June.

I develop this plan overrepparttar 147283 summer and talk torepparttar 147284 bullies onrepparttar 147285 first day of school or even have a conference withrepparttar 147286 bully and their parents to discussrepparttar 147287 bully having a successful school year with a change of his/her behavior.

Create a plan for dealing with these bullies starting withrepparttar 147288 first week of school. Plan Ahead for Your Hardcore Bullies! You don't want to let them loose onrepparttar 147289 other kids.

One idea could be to place them on a Behavioral checklist with specific behaviors dealing with bullying. It they are not marked with a positive check on those behaviors, they receive a consequence.

Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Wellness and Massage Training Institute

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

We are delighted to present Wellness and Massage Training Institute as Holistic Junction's featured school ofrepparttar week.

Wellness and Massage Training Institute's mission is '...dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by providingrepparttar 147214 highest quality education in alternative/complimentary healthcare fields. To achieve this mission, Wellness and Massage Training Institute has designed an effective learning environment by employing experienced and dedicated faculty, usingrepparttar 147215 finest instructional materials and equipment available, and carefully planning each individual's learning experience."

Located just twenty-five (25) miles from Chicago; in refreshing Woodridge, Illinois, Wellness and Massage Training Institute is a member ofrepparttar 147216 American Massage Therapy Association Council of Schools; and works cooperatively (with College of DuPage and Joliet Junior College) to prepare and enable students to earn individual Associates Degrees.

Wellness and Massage Training Institute offers a basic 556-Hour Massage Therapy program, and an Advanced, Comprehensive 770-Hour Massage Program (through affiliation with College of DuPage & Joliety Junior College); and include, but are not limited to:

Basic Massage Therapy Program - 556 Hours

...and other massage-related coursework.

556-Hour Elective Coursework

...and many, many more options!

Advanced Massage Program - 770 Hours

...and other comprehensive massage-related classes.

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