Stop Paying Full Price for Postage

Written by Jessica Albon

Stop Paying Full Price for Postage Copyright 2003, The Write Exposure

If you’re mailing out your monthly newsletter, you’d likely like to save money on your postage costs. You may think there’s no way aroundrepparttar first class price tag. However, we've got seven easy ways to spend less forrepparttar 124245 same distribution.

Don’t Mail It

1. FAX it. If most of your readers are local and have fax numbers, ask them if they’d mind if you faxed it. Keep in mind that some of your readers may prefer to have it mailed.

2. Email it. You can emailrepparttar 124246 newsletter in plain text or HTML format, or you can email a notice thatrepparttar 124247 latest edition is available on your website.

3. Hand-deliver it. If a number of your subscribers live inrepparttar 124248 same area, you might consider paying someone to hand deliver it. Or, you can drop it off yourself. It's a great way to re-connect with customers.

Banish Boring Photos

Written by Jessica Albon

Banish Boring Photos

By Jessica Albon

Copyright 2003, The Write Exposure

The average newsletter generally has average photos: headshots, people shaking hands or talking onrepparttar phone. If you're looking to invigorate your photos, try these tips.

Black and White Photographs

Uprepparttar 124244 contrast. Black and white photos can be full of drama and journalistic style. Intensify their impact in your photo editing program by increasingrepparttar 124245 contrast.

Isolate key elements. When a photo is black and white, it is especially important thatrepparttar 124246 background be crisp to highlightrepparttar 124247 centerpiece of your photo.

Keep it off-center. Always powerful, asymmetry ads a special level of interest and texture to black and white photos becauserepparttar 124248 lines are generally sharper.

Color Photographs Lighten Up. Take photos with plenty of light. Make sure your subject is lit evenly.

Think color. Choose photos with vibrant colors. Don't waste your color ink on photos that don't pop offrepparttar 124249 page.

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