Stop Collection Agency Harassment

Written by Susan Chana Lask, Esq.

Owing a debt does not automatically subject you to harrassing, threatening and other inappropriate collection agency behavior. Some collection agencies go too far with what I call "renegade collectors" they will repeatedly call you at your home and/or business, threaten to send a marshall over to serve you with lawsuit papers or send intimidating letters, appearing to come from an attorney or law firm, stating that you will lose your car, wages and other property if you do not pay your debt! It does not matter that you failed to pay a debt or that you can not afford to pay your debt at this time no one should intimidate, threaten or harrass you or coerce you to give out personal or financial information. Inappropriate collection procedures can intimidate you into paying for costs that may not even be your responsibility.You are protected byrepparttar law from innapropriate collection procedures.

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,repparttar 119275 New York City Consumer Protection Law Regulation 10 and New York State Statute, General Business Law, Article 29-H, (the "State Statute") all prohibit threatening, harrassing and intimidating collection procedures. For instance,repparttar 119276 State Statute prohibits a collection agent from (a) threatening to communicate with your employer prior to that agent obtaining a judgement against you, (b) communicating with your family or household at such frequency or at such unusual hours as can reasonably be expected to be abusive or harrassing, or (c) simulating any legal or judicial process or appearing to be authorized, issued or approved byrepparttar 119277 government or an attorney to collect a debt. Also, ifrepparttar 119278 collection agent sends you a letter demanding you pay withoutrepparttar 119279 reuired notice underrepparttar 119280 federal law regarding your confidentiality, your rights to disputerepparttar 119281 debt an dgiving yourepparttar 119282 appropriate 30 days to respond, thenrepparttar 119283 debt collector is automatically liable to you for any damages plus three timesrepparttar 119284 amount of your damages. Each violation ofrepparttar 119285 State Statute is a seperate misdemeanor offense. You can file charges withrepparttar 119286 State Attorney General or your County District Attorney and also request a restraining action againstrepparttar 119287 collection company to stop it from continuing abuse and harrassment.

Divorce: Coping With The Family Law Process

Written by Charles M. Goldstein

The Emotions

Divorce is a scary, lonely and misunderstood process for most people, particularly when there are children involved. The mutual friends enjoyed duringrepparttar marriage may not be of help because those individuals may not want to "pick a side." A divorce will introduce you to an entirely new balancing act.

The Effect on Productivity at Work

You must be conscious of howrepparttar 119274 divorce process affects your ability to function on your job. There may be occasions when you will feel overwhelmed by a typical day's workload. On such occasions, you may wish to apportion work in terms of what you can handle.

You may at times find yourself uncharacteristically testy and acerbic to friends and colleagues, uncommunicative, depressed, and distracted. You should try to be alert to these personality and mood changes and work with a counselor to solve them. At times this may involve temporarily modifying project responsibilities or adjusting assignments until you achieve a level of equanimity. On still other days, you may not be able to cope withrepparttar 119275 workplace or home environment at all, no matter how lightrepparttar 119276 workload. When this happens, it may be prudent to request a brief personal leave. If your behavior and interaction cannot be altered through temporary changes, you may need to seek professional counseling during this stressful period.

Keep in mind that while going through a divorce you will face numerous demands on your time: meetings with an attorney, accountant and counselor, possibly locating a new residence (and furnishing it) and establishing new lines of credit. Plan ahead where possible for these contingencies by asking your employer for projects that do not have a tight deadline. Flexible working arrangements, such as job-sharing, orrepparttar 119277 opportunity to compensate for lost time by working inrepparttar 119278 evening or on weekends, are other possibilities.

You should not let others treat you as an emotional cripple. You are probably already experiencing feelings of helplessness and an inability to control your life. By being overprotective and shielding you fromrepparttar 119279 daily realities ofrepparttar 119280 workplace or running interference with fellow employees or clients,repparttar 119281 employer may only exacerbate those feelings. Work may berepparttar 119282 only place you can achieve a sense of self-worth and personal strength during this difficult period.

The Process

Some people winding their way throughrepparttar 119283 divorce process may experience fatalistic or, conversely, unreasonably hopeful feelings, and may rely on divorce process myths that further complicaterepparttar 119284 situation (for example, a belief thatrepparttar 119285 system is entirely gender biased). Unfortunately,repparttar 119286 legal process is not designed to address emotional issues forrepparttar 119287 participants. Although there are milestones, such as filingrepparttar 119288 initial documents, there are no true emotional releases. Evenrepparttar 119289 finalizing of a divorce is a bittersweet experience and is likely to feel like a letdown. No one truly wins in a divorce becauserepparttar 119290 estate is always divided and both individuals have fewer assets than prior torepparttar 119291 divorce. Unfortunately,repparttar 119292 legal process is often one of attrition. The time and expense ofrepparttar 119293 legal process often dictatesrepparttar 119294 results as one ofrepparttar 119295 parties can no longer affordrepparttar 119296 resources orrepparttar 119297 time to continue to dispute issues.

The many difficult aspects ofrepparttar 119298 legal process often cause frustration and result in increased anger and hurt. In combination withrepparttar 119299 plethora of negative emotions which led torepparttar 119300 divorce inrepparttar 119301 first place, one facing a divorce may turn to revenge as a primary motivation and extendrepparttar 119302 divorce proceeding to hurtrepparttar 119303 other spouse. Onrepparttar 119304 other hand, a spouse may prolongrepparttar 119305 divorce process inrepparttar 119306 hope that reconciliation might occur.

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