Stop Cat Urine Smell By Removing Cat Litter Box Waste

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

Cat urine smell is one ofrepparttar most powerful pet odors imaginable. If you don't scooprepparttar 148279 cat litter box and dispose of her waste, your kitty may deposit her waste all over your home.

This article gives you some advice on why you should quickly remove kitty deposits fromrepparttar 148280 cat litter box, and how it encourages her from making your home her giant litter box.

Cats are fussy, clean creatures and they usually have high cat litter box standards. You can help your cat maintain her good litter box habits by developing one of your own - scooping her deposits fromrepparttar 148281 cat litter box as quickly as you discover them. But, that's only halfrepparttar 148282 battle. If you keeprepparttar 148283 trash can too close torepparttar 148284 cat litter box,repparttar 148285 smell may overwhelm your cat and drive her away from her box.

Since cats have staff (us!), one of our jobs is to keep their litter boxes very clean. If you developrepparttar 148286 habit of checking her cat litter box every time you pass by, and scoop out her waste if you see it, this is a great partnership for maintaining a wonderful relationship between you and your cat. She deposits, you scoop,repparttar 148287 box is clean again, and everyone's happy.

Kitty sees a clean box every time she needs to relieve herself. The urine clumps and other solid waste don't lie inrepparttar 148288 box, permeating your home withrepparttar 148289 odor.

The other critical part of this partnership is making certainrepparttar 148290 scooped items aren't in close proximity torepparttar 148291 cat litter box. Why? The smell is overwhelming to both you and kitty. Since cats have a much keener sense of smell than you and I, she's going to get bowled over byrepparttar 148292 odor far earlier than you, and she'll find a fresher-smelling area to meet her litter box needs. If that area doesn't have a cat litter box handy, too bad for you!

Are All Those Pet Vaccinations Really Necessary?

Written by Angela M. Predhomme

Would you like to save money and have a healthier pet? Let me tell you a story. One day, my German Shepherd was asleep, as usual, when he suddenly started convulsing so intensely that I thought he must be dying. It went on for a few minutes, which seemed like forever. After, I couldnít believe he was OK. It turned out to be a seizure, and it was then that I began to learn about alternative medicine for pets.

The most interesting thing I found out was that vaccinations seem to be a main cause of seizures in dogs, and annual vaccinations are not necessary, possibly causing more harm than good. After that incident, we stopped vaccinating andrepparttar seizures became less and less. Iím going to tell you how itís in both your and your petís best interest to avoid yearly vaccinations. Annual re-vaccination is simply not necessary.

Here is an excerpt from page 205 of Current Veterinary Therapy XI, a reference considered to berepparttar 148185 premier resource forrepparttar 148186 entire veterinary field.

ďA practice that was started many years ago and that lacks scientific validity or verification is annual revaccinations. ALMOST WITHOUT EXCEPTION THERE IS NO IMMUNOLOGIC REQUIREMENT FOR ANNUAL REVACCINATION. Immunity to viruses persists for years or forrepparttar 148187 life ofrepparttar 148188 animal.Ē

If youíre concerned about not vaccinating yearly, you can get proof of immunity even years afterrepparttar 148189 shot, by a blood test called a titer. Many veterinarians, especially holistic vets, will provide these tests. See for a directory of holistic vets.

Overvaccination can even cause more harm than good. This is something that almost all holistic vets agree upon, and some ofrepparttar 148190 top vets inrepparttar 148191 country attribute many health problems to vaccines.

Dr. Richard Pitcairn, a holistic pioneer and well respected vet who researched immunology extensively, believes thatrepparttar 148192 biggest factor contributing to epilepsy in dogs is yearly vaccinations. (1) Many seizures happen within a few weeks of dogs getting their shots.

According to this theory that overvaccination causes harm, vaccines work with immunity, and overvaccination weakensrepparttar 148193 immune system. This in turn causes auto-immune problems in cats and dogs like skin problems, hair loss, tumors, and arthritis. A weakened immune system leaves your pet open to all kinds of potential health problems. (2)

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