Stop Cat Scratching Today!

Written by Brad Knell

you have morphed into someone he doesn't know and you need a solution to his inappropriate scratching behavior now! Sound familiar? Well, this was our situation a few months ago until we got a handle on a strategy that works.

Cats need to scratch! It helps them excercise their front leg muscles and tendons. It helps to shed old outer layers ofrepparttar nail sheath. It helps alleviate frustration and boredom and it marks their 'territory' in your home.

Once you realize this it is much easier to arrive at an equitable solution. Rather than concentrating on eliminatingrepparttar 148607 problem ( which isn't going to happen ) you need to find a way to redirectrepparttar 148608 behavior to an appropriate area in your home.

There are many products onrepparttar 148609 market which offer a solution. We found a combination of a good quality scratching post wrapped in sisal rope and a set of clear, acrylic shields which fasten torepparttar 148610 corner areas of your couch and chair work best. If you need to learn where to purchase these products, visit our website listed below.

The shields are used to cover up areas your cat has already been scratching, in order to redirect him torepparttar 148611 post. The scratching post should be tall and heavy enough so your cat can extend his full torso up high enough to offer a good stretch. Most cats are vertical scratchers. They reach up, extendrepparttar 148612 front arms, clawrepparttar 148613 scratcher and pull downwards towardsrepparttar 148614 ground. Ifrepparttar 148615 post moves around too much they will likely not use it again so make sure it is stable.

Nikki and Benny, My Therapy Visiting Dogs.

Written by Ruth Bird

My two therapy dogs, Nikki and Benny, bring joy to our friends. Here is short report of our visit.

First, let me tell you just a little bit about my two dogs, a short little Bio on each. There are pictures on my dog therapy page.

Benny, my black lab, is about 6 years old now. Benny is a wonderful dog (even though he likes to steal my pillows). He loves going to visit our friends inrepparttar home. His tail is like a rotator as soon as we come near our first “friend”. Clearly, this is where he loves to be. Actually, this is where he belongs. He is gentle, good natured and full of love and affection. And, he is always hungry….yup, a true lab, he is always hungry. Our friends atrepparttar 148587 home love him to death, so to speak. He truly makes their day brighter and better.

Then there is Nikki, my 1 ˝ year golden puppy. Nikki is a typical 1 ˝ year golden. She is full of life. She keeps me hopping. And, just like Benny, she brings pure gold to our friends.

Both my dogs love to go visiting. They know as soon as we get close torepparttar 148588 home where we are going and why we are there. This is such a wonderful work.

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