Stop Buying Email Lists

Written by Michelle Lehoux

The saying “Quality, not Quantity” is applicable even torepparttar world of email marketing. So many organizations are purchasing large databases of email addresses, with hopes to achieve high open rates and sales. The truth is that you are more likely to achieve your campaign goals if you send an email out to 100 targeted individuals than you would to 10,000 randomly purchased email addresses.

There is a common misconception when it comes torepparttar 145035 quantity of emails in your email list. A lot of business owners think thatrepparttar 145036 key to running successful email campaigns is to send their emails out to thousands and thousands of email addresses and this is commonly achieved throughrepparttar 145037 purchase of large databases. This way of thinking about email marketing is wrong and will only result in discouragement and campaign failure.

When you purchase email lists from companies, you can never be too sure how they acquired these email addresses inrepparttar 145038 first place. Often, large databases of email addresses have been collected in ways that are misleading torepparttar 145039 users providing their email addresses. This means thatrepparttar 145040 individuals to whom you are sending your email are not sincerely interested in what you have to say. You also risk being labeled a “spammer”, because spam is essentially what you’d be sending- unwanted email.

Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, Make Your Web Site a Resource for the Media

Written by Ned Steele

Reporters, by nature, are curious people. If you can get them to come to your web site, they will probably poke around and spend a few minutes there, learning about your business and your capabilities. If your web site is any good, this should make them more likely to interview you inrepparttar future.

So in your press releases, go one step beyond merely listing your basic contact info. Think creatively and come up with a clever reason for reporters and readers to go to your web site. For instance: offer them a list of ten tips, or links to additional resources aboutrepparttar 144960 topic at hand. Or – anything. Mention it in your release, and include a link.

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