Steps to becoming a web host reseller

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Steps to becoming a web host reseller

You’ve decided to get a reseller web hosting account to resell web space. What now? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Chooserepparttar platform you want to use.

More open source software programs are available for Linux than for Windows, which makes Linux less expensive. While most programs (Perl, PHP, Flash, etc.) run on both platforms, a few run on only Windows or Linux. A site that requires ASP or MS Access, for example, requires a Windows platform.

2. Chooserepparttar 144490 control panel you want to use.

Control panels for websites range from very basic to loaded with features. As a reseller, you’ll also have a control panel for you to set up and control hosting accounts.

In Choosing Your Hosting Automation Software, we compare several control panels, all of which offer good features for web host resellers.

3. Choose your web host.

The web host company that you choose for your reseller account is a key decision — your business success depends onrepparttar 144491 quality of your host. Factors to consider when choosing a web host for a reseller account:

  • The platform and control panel
  • Account features
  • The company’s reputation — search for online reviews by clients
  • The record of server uptime
  • The level of support — how fast does tech support respond to support requests, especially time-sensitive ones?
  • Flexibility — doesrepparttar 144492 web host have packages that allow you to upgrade when your needs increase? Will they customize plans if necessary?
  • How longrepparttar 144493 web host has been in business — while a new web host may be very good, many web hosting businesses fail withinrepparttar 144494 first year
  • Price — consider what is included inrepparttar 144495 price
  • Get Started with reseller hosting.

4. Set up your hosting plans and prices

Divide your bandwidth by your disk space to find outrepparttar 144496 ratio of bandwidth to disk space that you can offer. Take into account any ratios that differ if you upgrade to a larger package, and then base your packages on that ratio.

For pricing, consider what competitors charge, but also factor in any additional services you’ll be offering.

5. Develop a business website

You have three main choices for website development:

  • Create a website using an existing website template
  • Hire a designer or a design company to design your site for you
  • If you have web design skills, design your site yourself

Hosting All The Way To The Bank

Written by Claudette Spedden

Let's face it,repparttar Internet is here to stay. Today's Internet reminds me ofrepparttar 144342 California gold rush. There is a ton of moeny and opportunities to be made by everyone who wishes to participate in this modern day gold rush. Most people have been drawn torepparttar 144343 Internet, because ofrepparttar 144344 ability to leverage their time and make money even while they are sleeping. Which makes it an even better opportunity thanrepparttar 144345 gold rush!

Just like any offline business, an online business requires an address, or place onrepparttar 144346 Internet where your Web site is located. You can't have a Web site and just "stick it up" onrepparttar 144347 Internet. Unless you own your own server, you use a hosting company. A hosting company gives you an online address. This online address allowsrepparttar 144348 search engines and people seaching for your product or servicerepparttar 144349 ability to locate your website.

So what is allrepparttar 144350 confusion about regarding hosting sites. Understanding a hosting provider's websites is equal to speaking a foreign language. They are full of numbers and letters and if you do not know what they are describing, it can be confusing and overwhelming. For example: there is 50 mg space, and 2 gig data transfer, and front page extensions, secure servers. What's it all mean?

In my humble opinion you don't have to be a brainiac to have a great hosting service that serves your needs. You want to berepparttar 144351 recognized expert in your particular field, and letrepparttar 144352 hosting company do their job, by providing excellent hosting and service. All you need to have is a general knowledge about what hosting is.

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