Step Out Of The Box For Increased Sales…

Written by Sonya Meyers

The computer box that is. Have you become so Internet minded you are no longer equipped to recognizerepparttar real world as a platform for increased sales? It can happen, even torepparttar 124477 best of us inrepparttar 124478 business world. The key to blasting throughrepparttar 124479 ceiling of sales is to combine technology with age-old opportunities. In other words, get yourself off-line for a few hours a week and rethink your selling ideas.

Once you've adjusted to sunlight and real live people, consider these combinations for propelling new sales.

1. Do you offer something that can be turned into a CD for sales in real time stores? For instance, if you own a subscription based website you can offer a presentation by CD that includes a membership password and sell those CDs in targeted retail outlets at wholesale prices. Get this CD into a retail chain that picks it up nationwide and you could be looking at millions of dollars in revenue.

In order to make this idea successful you must provide a professionally presented CD torepparttar 124480 correct contact person in repparttar 124481 retail establishment. Be prepared to put out some capital to pull this presentation together. Look for purchasing contracts with retailers that will not require you to buy back merchandise that did not sell and offer a low minimum purchase to entice interest fromrepparttar 124482 retailer.

2. Offer to speak at professional organizations within your industry. By combining your industry knowledge with online experience you have something valuable to offer organizations that have not yet ventured into this online medium.

Benefiting From Fourth Quarter Publicity

Written by Todd F. Brabender

Asrepparttar year entersrepparttar 124476 fourth quarter, many businesses and entrepreneurs are making plans and budgets forrepparttar 124477 year 2002. Those plans could include anything from setting up goals for new products to preparing marketing, sales and PR/publicity campaigns. When it comes to your publicity plan, WHEN you launch your campaign can be just as important as what and how you launch.

PLANTING PUBLICITY SEEDS Some business owners may be ofrepparttar 124478 mindset: "I think we'll wait to launch a publicity campaign until after January 1 to generate consumer interest." The problem is -- if you wait to launch your publicity campaign untilrepparttar 124479 first ofrepparttar 124480 year hoping for a quick media interest blast in January, you may be in for a quiet start ofrepparttar 124481 year. Keep in mind most media outlets have editorial lead-times of a few weeks to 6 months. Also, what some entrepreneurs don't realize is this -- because ofrepparttar 124482 increasing number of publicity pitches media outlets receive, anything you submit is subjected to what I callrepparttar 124483 "media digestion period" - simply put - that is a period of time (sometimes days, sometimes weeks) that it takes media outlets to:

#1) see/understand your release and decide if they are interested; #2) find space ime in their editorial calendar to placerepparttar 124484 article/news story/show segment.

Givenrepparttar 124485 right media research and pitching expertise, there are several media opportunities you could pursue. From my professional experience, here isrepparttar 124486 breakdown of editorial lead-times ofrepparttar 124487 media formats from quickest to most drawn out: (These are estimates and can vary from campaign to campaign)

1) Radio Shows -- 1 to 4 weeks lead-time 2) TV News Affiliate Shows - 2 to 6 weeks lead-time 3) Daily & Weekly Newspapers - 3 to 8 weeks lead-time 4) Magazines & Network TV Shows - 1 to 6 months lead-time

The potential placement is also directly dependent upon how quickly and efficiently your publicist or PR agency can helprepparttar 124488 media securerepparttar 124489 placement. Media relations is crucial. Your publicist's job is to makerepparttar 124490 reporter/editor/producer's job as easy and as effortless as possible - which will lead to quicker and more numerous placements for your business.

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