Step-By-Step Guide For Creating Collages and Other Unique Picture Frames

Written by Antigone Arthur

Step-By-Step Guide For Creating Collages and Other Unique Picture Frames

So you want to make a collage or perhaps you are interested in creating a unique shadow box to hold your valuable photographs and memorabilia. No problem! Whether you want to create lasting memories using cheap picture frames, discount picture frames or even wholesale picture frames, here are some pointers for creating lasting memories rightrepparttar first time every time.

Collage Picture Frames

Collage picture frames are useful for creating lasting memories of a moment in time. Whether you want to create a lasting imprint of your wedding day, vacation or graduation, collages arerepparttar 145657 best way to go. Here are some steps to follow to make sure you create a collage you are pleased with:

  1. Decide where you want your collage. Make sure you measurerepparttar 145658 space you have available for your frame. You don't want to buy a frame that is too small or large forrepparttar 145659 space.
  2. Selectrepparttar 145660 photographs you want to use for your collage. Remember they should vary in size and shape.
  3. Reviewrepparttar 145661 types of collage picture frames available. Look for one that allows one or two large photographs and several small ones. Alternatively you may select a collage with three or four cutouts of equal size and shape.
  4. Lay out your pictures according to size. Measure them againstrepparttar 145662 frame you have available. Crop any pictures you need to so they fit correctly inrepparttar 145663 frame.
  5. Now measurerepparttar 145664 wall space to decide where exactly you want your collage. Measurerepparttar 145665 corners ofrepparttar 145666 frame fromrepparttar 145667 ends ofrepparttar 145668 wall so you can line up your frame evenly.
  6. If using a lighter frame, nail wall hooks intorepparttar 145669 wall based on your measurements. If hanging a heavy frame, use nails to hang your frame.
  7. Hang your picture!

Remember when making a collagerepparttar 145670 texture, color and feel ofrepparttar 145671 background paint are just as important asrepparttar 145672 picture itself. You might consider paintingrepparttar 145673 wall you plan to hang your collage on. Alternatively you may select a frame color and style that matchesrepparttar 145674 current wall surface.

Digital Cameras: How Many Pixels Do I Need?

Written by Marty Rubenski

Withrepparttar bewildering number of digital cameras onrepparttar 145608 market, it's increasing difficult to know where to start for your first purchase. One ofrepparttar 145609 major determining factors ofrepparttar 145610 price of a digital camera isrepparttar 145611 number of pixels. Nowadays, even 5.0 megapixel cameras are affordable, even for casual snapshots.

But is bigger always better?

Higher megapixel cameras do have some drawback. The first, and most obvious, is price. A basic 5.0 megapixel camera currently runs between $200 and $300. A 1.2 megapixel camera can be had for less than $50. Storage for those large pictures will also cost you more. A 32 MByte memory card will hold around a hundred 1.2 megapixel pictures. This drops right down to around 60 pictures for 2.0 megapixels and to around 40 pictures for a 3.0 megapixel model. One other consideration, not often mentioned, is that a higher megapixel camera has to do more work to compress and store images, leading to longer waits between picture shots and viewing.

Before you rush off and spend $300 for a camera, consider what you will be doing withrepparttar 145612 pictures. Are you viewing them just on your computer? Sending them as email attachments? Printing them on an existing inkjet printer? Having them professionally printed?

The largerrepparttar 145613 number of pixels,repparttar 145614 largerrepparttar 145615 file size. An important consideration if you are emailing them as attachments. The following chart shows sample file sizes, typical resolution and maximum print size for different pixel counts stored as high-quality JPEG files:

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