Steaming Manhole

Written by Thomas Yoon

Boiler inspections are necessary in order to find outrepparttar effectiveness ofrepparttar 133428 boiler water chemical treatment. It is also useful to detect any faults or potential weakness inrepparttar 133429 steel structures, plates and shells so that accidents can be avoided.

However, even enteringrepparttar 133430 boiler for inspection can be a safety hazard if you are not careful!

Firstly,repparttar 133431 heat, andrepparttar 133432 remaining steam. It is better to coolrepparttar 133433 boiler sufficiently before entry. However, sometimes, inspections have to be done in a hurry. Perhaps there is a schedule to be followed, orrepparttar 133434 steam supply cannot be stopped for a long time. Or perhaps it is very important to find outrepparttar 133435 condition ofrepparttar 133436 boiler as soon as possible.

Let's sayrepparttar 133437 boiler is still warm. There isn't sufficient time to cool it. The thick insulation materials wrapped aroundrepparttar 133438 boiler do their function well - containingrepparttar 133439 heat. And you are givenrepparttar 133440 task to open uprepparttar 133441 manholes for inspection.

Blow Away Your Soot!

Written by Thomas Yoon

A boiler that has been running for a long time is sure to have soot deposits on its tubes and furnace.

This is especially prominent in boilers using heavy fuel oil for burning. Althoughrepparttar fuel will be heated and filtered before combustion, it still contains a lot of impurities. The by-products of combustion as well as imperfect combustion causerepparttar 133427 soot to form. The soot is deposited onrepparttar 133428 heating surfaces.

Duringrepparttar 133429 combustion ofrepparttar 133430 fuel oil in a steam boiler, hot gases are formed. These hot gases are used to heat uprepparttar 133431 water inrepparttar 133432 boiler to form steam.

Withrepparttar 133433 deposits of soot, a lot ofrepparttar 133434 heat energy is not able to be transferred torepparttar 133435 water, but instead is lost throughrepparttar 133436 chimneystack. The soot layer acts as a heat insulator forrepparttar 133437 tubes and shells ofrepparttar 133438 furnace. The heat is unable to reachrepparttar 133439 water.

This not only causesrepparttar 133440 boiler efficiency to be lowered, but a more serious problem can also occur. The soot can catch fire!

A soot fire can be detrimental torepparttar 133441 strength ofrepparttar 133442 boiler because it can cause serious localized hotspots to occur at repparttar 133443 tubes. These localized hotspots can even reach temperatures that weakenrepparttar 133444 materials ofrepparttar 133445 tubes.

Soot blowers are installed to blow away these soot deposits. Steam is normally used as a medium for blowing awayrepparttar 133446 soot.

The operation ofrepparttar 133447 soot blowers goes like this:

1. Steam is channeled torepparttar 133448 soot blower pipeline. 2. The operator ofrepparttar 133449 soot blower will open a drain valve to drain off any water inrepparttar 133450 steam. This is to make sure

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