Staying Professionally Chic In The Heat

Written by Eileen Hammel

Whether you live in a warm climate year round or you are just trying to survive summer’s heat till autumn’s cool arriverepparttar following quick and easy professional style tips will keep you cool and have you looking professionally chic in any heat.   Wardrobe  Select fabrics that are natural / man-made blends that consist of at least 51% natural fiber, such has a 55% cotton 45% polyester blend. This will give yourepparttar 149859 coolness of a natural fabric withoutrepparttar 149860 wrinkles. Choose jackets with ¾ sleeves. They are cooler than full sleeves and more professional looking than short sleeves. Light and bright colors works well in warm weather but do not use loud bold color combinations and prints. Dress in layers to adjust torepparttar 149861 high heat outside / air conditioning inside temperature changes you will experience. A ¾ sleeve jacket over a sleeveless shell or a summer twin set is are excellent solutions for temperature changes. A cool alternative to pantyhose are thigh – highs they allow air to circulate better then pantyhose and will keep you cooler. Wear slightly larger jewelry it will give you a more polished look. Instead of a simple pendant on a chain try a triple strand of pearls. Avoid plunging necklines, extremely short hemlines, sheer fabrics, cloth handbags and briefcases, open toe shoes, sandals and flip flops.

Can You Imagine A Beautiful Life?

Written by Nancy Hill

Imagine waking up one morning to find that you are using your unique talents in a fully satisfying way, that you feel wonderful in your body, and that your life feels rich and complete.

Now ask yourself, how much time and money have you spent trying to live up torepparttar cultural ideal of female beauty? Every year Americans spend over $40 billion on dieting. People put massive life energy into studyingrepparttar 149761 latest diet, planning menus, agonizing over food choices, depriving themselves, and doing forms of exercise they don't even enjoy. There is so much more to life thanrepparttar 149762 endless quest to makerepparttar 149763 body look likerepparttar 149764 cultural beauty ideal.

It doesn't have to be that way. Beforerepparttar 149765 dieting craze began, people defined themselves much more by who they were and what they did inrepparttar 149766 world. They spent their life energies enrichingrepparttar 149767 world around them instead of spending their time trying to look beautiful. They focused on their family, their community, and their unique talents.

Today women are subtly taught to define themselves strictly by how they look. Andrepparttar 149768 look we're taught to desire isn't even obtainable. Only 5% of women are underweight, yet 87% ofrepparttar 149769 actresses we see on television are. And models? Not only are their photos heavily airbrushed to remove any "flaws", they generally stand 5'9" and weigh 110 pounds. The average American woman, at 5'4" and 140 pounds just isn't ever going to look like that plasticized model no matter how hard she tries.

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