Staying Focused While Building Your Internet Marketing Business

Written by Robert Attieh

Staying Focused While Building Your Internet Marketing Business – Put The Blinders On, You Are Going ToGet Bombarded

By Robert Attieh Copyright © 2005 Robert Attieh

Internet Marketing can take you for a wild ride, will it be a good ride?.

Whether you are new at Internet Marketing or not you will have by now experiencedrepparttar bomb squad ofrepparttar 149537 internet, this isrepparttar 149538 attacks of every single internet marketer and every single online business opportunity targeting you as if you wererepparttar 149539 only one onrepparttar 149540 internet. They all want you, just like Uncle Sam says as their fingers point at you right throughrepparttar 149541 monitor poking you inrepparttar 149542 chest. You have somehow come torepparttar 149543 decision of getting involved in Internet Marketing, thinking that you are going to jump onrepparttar 149544 band wagon and make your fortune, running torepparttar 149545 bank with those big bags of money and retiring early. After filtering throughrepparttar 149546 bombs of attacks, you’ve finally made a decision to get started in what you believe isrepparttar 149547 best product or service for you,repparttar 149548 best opportunity that is going to berepparttar 149549 one. Nowrepparttar 149550 name ofrepparttar 149551 game is to stay focused, you’ve already done your homework, you believe you are inrepparttar 149552 right place atrepparttar 149553 right time. Now it’s time to concentrate and stay focused.

I was inspired to write this article after hearing a pattern of overwhelmation – yah, sure that’s a word, well it is now. One ofrepparttar 149554 difficult things about finally getting started is that I find that too many people once they finally get started in internet marketing get in torepparttar 149555 trap or should I say remain inrepparttar 149556 trap of looking and searching. Well, it is understandable, you’ve filled out surveys for people looking for internet marketing opportunities, you’ve put your name on every single site that came your way, you’ve joined a gazillion amount of newsletters, you feel like you know every internet marketing guru there is by first name and some of them are your best friend, well hey, why not they write you every day and address you by your first name, surely you arerepparttar 149557 only one they are writing to and it is you who they are interested in right. They have all promised to make you rich. I have one piece of advice for you, let go of all of that and get out ofrepparttar 149558 searching mode and do your business!!! You have made a decision, now stick with it, don’t keep looking for something that’s better. You’ve got to get started sometime, well why not NOW! After all it is you that has maderepparttar 149559 decision to get started. You need to stay focused and putrepparttar 149560 blinders on if you want to succeed. Better stated for most, you have got to learn how to focus in order to stay focused. I am not kidding here, many people cannot focus, they have been hit one too many times by those internet bombs. Well enough ofrepparttar 149561 badgering at you and let me attempt to offer some sound advice that will hopefully put you onrepparttar 149562 right track that will lead you to success.

These are some things that I have done that has helped me to stay focus and block those internet bombs from slowing me down:

Traffic Portal and Viral Marketing with Veretekk

Written by Robert Attieh

Traffic Portal and Viral Marketing with Veretekk The Secret To Making Money On The Internet

By Robert Attieh Copyright © 2005 Robert Attieh

The Internet has changed so much inrepparttar last 5 years, 5 months and evenrepparttar 149536 last 5 days. To be successful onrepparttar 149537 internet you really need to be on top and aware ofrepparttar 149538 latest technology. If you are interested in building an online business from scratch or even if you are looking to expand your current businessrepparttar 149539 answer for today and I believe for years to come is a system called Traffic Portal Marketing.

Traffic Portal Marketing is today’s leading edge marketing technology which was introduced torepparttar 149540 market place by Inetekk’s Veretekk services who are light years ahead of anybody else. The sellers and resellers of leads don’t want you to know about Traffic Portal Marketing, they want you to buy leads from them; they don’t want you to know that you can harvest your own leads for free. They don't want you to know that there is a better way and you can be inrepparttar 149541 drivers seat.

Today is not yesterday. You cannot do businessrepparttar 149542 same way today as was done a few years back. Inrepparttar 149543 past leads could be generated online by submitting to FFA Pages and bulk e-mailing. In earlier years this worked well and wasrepparttar 149544 way to generate 1000s of leads. Today most e-mails are ending up in bulk files, junk files and people are just ignoring and deleting bulk and SPAM type e-mails that are lucky enough to make it to their e-mail inrepparttar 149545 first place. You know what it's like when you get all those e-mails, you just ignore or delete. So here is something to think about, even if you were to use these old systems and methods of gathering e-mail addresses and building your list, and you are fortunate to build a list to over a million, what isrepparttar 149546 point if nobody is reading them. It does not make sense and is a waste of your valuable time. You are getting closer to finding out aboutrepparttar 149547 better way, Traffic Portal and Viral Marketing.

You may ask how will working with Traffic Portals make a difference? Well you have all heard “Give and it will be given back to you”, well that isrepparttar 149548 core,repparttar 149549 heart of Traffic Portal Marketing. But what exactly are you giving you may ask, we’ll get to specifics shortly but first let me say if you give something of little value, expect little BUT if you give something of REAL VALUE, a REAL GIFT expect a much better response. The goal you are looking for with Traffic Portal and Viral Marketing is to get back an open line of communication between you and potential prospects. This will make you stand out on top ofrepparttar 149550 crowd as an internet marketing superstar and will be a fresh breath of air from all those bulk e-mails they receive. Through Traffic Portal and Viral Marketing, as you continue to offer more free valuable tools to your prospect, your credibility andrepparttar 149551 trust factor between you and your prospect will skyrocket. Not only have you made a business associate, I bet you have also made a friend.

The idea of Traffic Portal and Viral Marketing is being able to give away for free, tools that even yourself would want, tools that you would value and tools that you would use. Traffic Portal Marketing free tools and giveaways include web based services on many interesting subjects pertaining to building an internet marketing business and you can give these away fromrepparttar 149552 comfort of your own home. I have been using these services for myself and have been offering them to others for free and have to say, though these are high tech internet marketing tools, Portal Marketing is a lot easier than one may think. Each of these Traffic Marketing Portals, each marketing a free gift to your prospect is supported by its own set of automated advertising and marketing tools. Each one of these Traffic Marketing Portals is backed by its own viral marketing program. Viral marketing is so easy to use that anyone can do this even if they have just gotten onrepparttar 149553 computer andrepparttar 149554 internet forrepparttar 149555 fist time. This is truly high tech, state ofrepparttar 149556 art lead generation of today, yesterday’s future, made simple for everyone to be able to benefit from.

Viral Marketing plus Traffic Marketing Portals equals leads explosion for your business. Your business will love you for exploring this system. No longer will you have to buy expensive leads or get burned by a lead co-op deal gone bad. Actuallyrepparttar 149557 leads you can get yourself would be fresher and they are your own leads. With Traffic Portal Marketing you do not share leads with 5 other opportunists each fighting for that same fish inrepparttar 149558 big sea. The great thing about Viral Marketing and Traffic Portal Marketing is that your prospects will take advantage ofrepparttar 149559 valuable free offers that you provide to them, and not only will they benefit but you will benefit also because as your prospects use these free Traffic Portals they are also promoting your Traffic Portals for you.

If you have already heardrepparttar 149560 term, “Viral Marketing”, well it was Inetekk that coined this phrase as it relates to this online marketing phenomenon. To fully appreciate viral marketing you must understand this, through your marketing efforts imagine attracting 1,000s of people to you through YOUR traffic portals, allowing them to use your valuable services but also by using these services they are also promoting your services to others, allowing you to have a powerful team of 1,000s of prospects promoting for you. You are no longer alone and you are inrepparttar 149561 driver seat of harvesting your own leads.

How’srepparttar 149562 quality of these online leads you may ask. Well, they are also very unique. There are 10s of thousands Veretekk subscribers and even with that being said each Veretekk Traffic Portal still produces a steady flow of leads for each subscriber. That means each lead is your lead. That lead is uniquely targeted to one subscriber only. Inetekk’s privacy policy assures that every lead entered into Veretekk is matched with only one person. A happy one on one relationship between Veretekk's member and prospect.

You can searchrepparttar 149563 internet, you will not, I repeat you will not find another solution that comes close torepparttar 149564 value, service and price that Inetekk withrepparttar 149565 Veretekk System of Viral Marketing and Traffic Portal Marketing can offer.

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