Stay Home Moms Earn A Living!

Written by BB Lee

Recent Statistics show a second income might be detrimental torepparttar financial status of many young couples with children who need daycare. Studies discovered families with one income were already ahead ofrepparttar 117820 financial game, ifrepparttar 117821 second income is a modest one.

Why? Simply because when both parents work outsiderepparttar 117822 home full time, additional expenses will expand rapidly. In fact, their financial stability will diminish instantaneously, leading to financial ruin, even bankruptcy. This article will cover what one young mother decided to do to improve her income.

I will use my good friend Sandy as an excellent example. Sandy is a married woman with a three year old son. She recently returned to work after being a stay-at-home-mom.

Please Note: Allrepparttar 117823 expenditures are onrepparttar 117824 conservative side. Sandy is frugal and watches every penny she spends. Please adaptrepparttar 117825 examples to your own situation to weigh your choices.

Sandy earns a respectable $24,000 per year, which she considered a good second income for her family. Wrong! Sandy discovered other expenses were consuming her new income. To begin, she had to deduct about 40 percent for fed, state, local, social security taxes, pension plan. She is down to about $14,400 extra. Yikes!

Daycare dwindles a large portion of her earnings. In many large urban cities daycare cost around $6,000 for one child. Sandy considered herself lucky to find a center charging about $4,800 per year. That reduces her extra income to $9,600.

Sandy works in a high profile business office, her appearance is very important. Sandy will need a new wardrobe. Of course,repparttar 117826 new ensemble will need dry-cleaning. Yearly fee, conservatively $1,000. That leaves Sandy with $8,600.

What Are YOU Doing to Keep Your Customers?

Written by Angela Wu

Not too long ago I ran a survey on my site asking visitors what their main complaints were about shopping for or finding information online.

An overwhelming number of people said: customer service.

It appears that many online businesses are not doing a particularly good job of replying to inquiries in a timely manner.

Questions aboutrepparttar product, customer requests for help, constructive suggestions ... they all go unanswered. I'm not implying that every single email requires a response - but legitimate inquiries certainly deserve one. They give yourepparttar 117819 opportunity to display your product's benefits and convert a visitor into a customer.

Making sales is always great ... but building long-term relationships with your customers is even better. Happy customers are much more likely refer others to you. It's free advertising at it's best! Wouldn't you be more inclined to purchase something recommended to you by someone you trust?

Customer service takes practice and experience. Here are a few tips to get you started ...

Learn how to use your email software effectively. Use filters, signatures, stationery, and address books to automatically file and answer some of your email. This in itself can save you a significant amount of time, and it helps you to prioritize. Try to provide your customers withrepparttar 117820 fast, helpful service they expect.

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