State Academic Standards and Your Child- Did You Know?

Written by Detra Davis

Public education inrepparttar United States has never been equal for all students. It appears that those school districts located in wealthy communities have a bit more resources than those in poorer communities. Today more than ever, parents need to step up torepparttar 143732 plate and learn howrepparttar 143733 educational system works.

It is imperative that parents no longer leaverepparttar 143734 decisions made aroundrepparttar 143735 education of children solely inrepparttar 143736 hands of bureaucrats who likely have no children inrepparttar 143737 school district and/or may not even live inrepparttar 143738 community.

Below are ten things parents must do before enrolling their child in any school public or private.

1. Get a copy of your state’s academic standards. Academic standards are open and public statements detailing what all children should know and be able to do in each state. A typical writing standard, for example, states that all students should be able to pre-write, draft, edit and revise. Students progress through these stages to write, clear, coherent and focused paragraphs and essays. State standards should be available on your state’s website and may be divided by grade level or subject.

2. Schedule a time when your child’s teacher can review these standards with you.

3. Check your child’s homework and class work to see if it aligns withrepparttar 143739 state academic standards.

4. Askrepparttar 143740 principal to hold a parent meeting to discussrepparttar 143741 state academic standards and explain how standardized test evaluate what children are learning or not learning in alignment with state standards.

5. Beginning in 2005-06, all schools will measure student achievement yearly in reading and math in grades 3-8, and at least once duringrepparttar 143742 high school years. Askrepparttar 143743 teacher and principal if these tests will align with state standards.

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