Starting with Search Engines

Written by Stephen Cope

Starting with Search Engines

Search engines are what makesrepparttar web useable. When you want to find information about something you go to your favourite search engine and type in a few words (keywords) and you get a list of Web sites to choose from.

You readrepparttar 137007 short description ofrepparttar 137008 Web sites onrepparttar 137009 list, and click, off you go to look at that Website. Ifrepparttar 137010 search engine has done its job correctly you find what you are looking for. If not you go back try a few other sites on repparttar 137011 list or do another search using different keywords.

Notice something very important - People don't search for a particular website - They search for a product or information to solve their current problem

When making you own Website you need to bear this process in mind. You make your website to solve a particular problem and you make it sorepparttar 137012 search engines recognise that it solves that problem.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A whole industry has grown up around search engines. A quick search on Google for SEO gives over 15million results. These companies all offer to get your Website to rank high inrepparttar 137013 search engines (see website ranking) .
They will optimise your site for this engine and then for that engine, these keywords etc etc etc…

Its not surprising that anyone making their first Website feels a little overwhelmed when it comes to submitting their website torepparttar 137014 scrutiny ofrepparttar 137015

How Not to Start a Website

Written by Stephen Cope

Are you planning on making your first website? Then please don't do it this way !
  1. Buy yourself a web editing tool like Dreamweaver, Frontpage -cost: $150
  2. Get a web hosting provider that supports 100G storage, SQL database, PHP, and anything else you can think of.-- cost: $100
  3. Find out that Dreamweaver isn't so easy after all so you buy a book. cost: $30
  4. Still can't getrepparttar hang of it so you go on a course --cost: $300.
  5. Decide you need to learn HTML so you buy another book --cost: $10
  6. Now your really getting going and you start makingrepparttar 137006 website.
  7. After a few weeks you have written a few pages but you're having a few doubts as it really isn't as easy as you though it would be atrepparttar 137007 start.
  8. You manage to getrepparttar 137008 pages onrepparttar 137009 web- You're really proud!
  9. You've submittedrepparttar 137010 site torepparttar 137011 2,500 search engines- it only cost $30 butrepparttar 137012 nice ad said that's all you need to do!
  10. A few weeks go past and  no one visits you're site. You try to find yourself inrepparttar 137013 search engines but no luck. You're upset!
  11. You see an ad promising to get you onrepparttar 137014 top page in Google and Yahoo only $200. That's just what you need- You're happy again!

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