Starting a Freelance Writing Career (or Thoughts About Taking the Plunge)

Written by Michele R. Acosta

Nike's ad has taken on new meaning for me of late; "Just do it!" runs through my mind like a mantra. Although my dreams have nothing to do with athletic shoes and little to do with athletics (unless you countrepparttar long list of ideas I have developed which revolve around my sons and their activities), I have spent a long time avoidingrepparttar 151059 one thing I've always wanted to do - write.

Writing has actually been a part of my work life for a very long time. I've written and edited inrepparttar 151060 business world. I've taught writing to high school students. I've written countless lesson plans, activities, etc. I have never tried to get any of my work published, until now.

Makingrepparttar 151061 decision to write for a living was actually one ofrepparttar 151062 most difficult obstacles I needed to overcome. ("Overcome" is probably too strong. I am still scared to death that I won't be able to pay my mortgage.) I never doubted my ability to write, but I did doubt my ability to write for a living. My former employer helped me makerepparttar 151063 decision by firing me. (They actually called it a reduction in force, or RIF for short.) After avoidingrepparttar 151064 application process for weeks, then staring at an online application for close to an hour, I finally had to come to terms with myself and my goals forrepparttar 151065 future.

While I love teaching, I am tired ofrepparttar 151066 politics that accompany teaching. I can't face it any more. I need to pay my bills and be financially responsible, but part of raising my children involves being a role model. I don't want them to be afraid to take a risk that could help them realize their dreams because they watched their mother play it safe.

Having said that, I must admit that my new found bravery faltered when I wrote two checks totaling $1100.00 for two children to play travel soccer next year. Nevertheless, I developed a game face and hid my fears from everyone. I even fooled myself for a while. Asrepparttar 151067 school year ended, my colleagues began asking me about my plans forrepparttar 151068 fall. I answered - with confidence that I only partially felt - that I planned to write. After repeating this statement torepparttar 151069 tenth person, I began to feel somewhat guilty. After all, I was making it sound as if it were a done deal, when I really had barely started. I had a bunch of "how to" articles stacked in my home office that were conflicting and sometimes confusing. I had not even read some ofrepparttar 151070 articles yet.

Check Your English Grammar With This Easy Technique

Written by Heris Yunora

As an International language, English has been used widely in online world. Whether you use it to write a sales letter, a follow up, ads headline, an article, and so on, you need to use it correctly.

Now, by using search engine (Google, etc), you can check:

-typing error.

-grammatical structure.

This sort of tutorial is intended for you who have some basics in English.

Forrepparttar first example, if you want to check whetherrepparttar 150814 right word is "below" or "bellow", just typerepparttar 150815 word inrepparttar 150816 search box.

Here arerepparttar 150817 steps:

1.Typerepparttar 150818 word "below" inrepparttar 150819 search box and click "Search".

2.Whenrepparttar 150820 search result appears, click a website that usesrepparttar 150821 word to make sure thatrepparttar 150822 website use it correctly.

3.Noticerepparttar 150823 search result.

4.Now, typerepparttar 150824 word "bellow" inrepparttar 150825 search box and click "Search".

5.Repeat step 2 and 3 forrepparttar 150826 word "bellow".

Here arerepparttar 150827 signals whetherrepparttar 150828 word is right or wrong:

-The search result shows a list of websites that userepparttar 150829 word. In other word, ifrepparttar 150830 word is wrong,repparttar 150831 search result will show nothing.

-If you find that both words have search results, noticerepparttar 150832 number of websites that appear and compare both words. Usually,repparttar 150833 right word has more search results.

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