Starting Your Own Redecorating Business: The first key steps.

Written by Julie Dana

Are you a compulsive furniture rearranger? Do you make distinctive vignettes with accessories? Been complimented on your beautiful home? Give friends and family decorating suggestions even if they didn’t ask for your help?

Have you ever wondered if you could make your decorating passion into a business? There is a fast growing area of interior decorating called interior redesign or one-day decorating. Varieties of this type of decorating include real estates decorating and home staging. This niche inrepparttar decorating world focuses on using whatrepparttar 143017 homeowner already owns but making it better. This unique field is growing in popularity thanks in a large part to HGTV.

I own a wonderful business specializing in doing what I love to do – redecorating. Many people overrepparttar 143018 years have contacted me to ask, “How can I do what you do?”: I tellrepparttar 143019 people who contact me to do three things.

1. Do your research.

The first step in any research is to increase your knowledge aboutrepparttar 143020 subject. The easiest way it gets knowledge is to purchaserepparttar 143021 recommended reading list or borrow them from your neighborhood library. The first book, and probablyrepparttar 143022 most important, is to get a book on starting and running your own home based business. “The Complete Idiots Guides” and “For Dummies” series both have great books on home based businesses. (Don’t getrepparttar 143023 book on how to start a small business because you won’t needrepparttar 143024 employee hiring section orrepparttar 143025 store front location sections etc) These books are good at describing allrepparttar 143026 steps you need to take to make your business “real” and not a hobby. There several good decorating books that focus on this type of decorating that you will also find helpful: a. Decorating for Good by Carole Talbott b. Dress your House for Success by Martha Webb and Sarah Parsons Zackeim c. Use What you have Decorating by Lauri Ward d. Easy Decorating Makeovers edited by Vicki Ingham

2. Make an appointment withrepparttar 143027 Small Business Development Center near you.

How to Profit from Creative Home Businesses

Written by Randy Wilson

Ideas for creative home businesses are everywhere. Many of them are already in your head, and you just don’t know it. Here are some questions to get your own creative business ideas flowing:

  • What hobbies do I enjoy?
  • What do I already know how to do?
  • Do I want to pursue this full-time or part-time?
  • Am I good with my hands?
  • Do I want to learn a new craft?
  • What do I love?

When it comes to creative home businesses,repparttar last question may berepparttar 142908 most important one of all. What do you love to do most? Write? Paint? Embroider? Sew? Build things? Decorate? This is where your passion is, and what you’re passionate about, you’re most likely to be successful at doing.

Too many people spend their days at jobs they don’t even like, much less love. If you’re considering starting a creative home business, this is your chance to do what you truly enjoy.

One idea for a creative home business is a home sewing business. Handmade wedding gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses are always in demand. There are also opportunities for machine embroidering everything from sports teams’ jerseys, caps, and jackets to beautiful beach towels.

Handmade draperies are also hot items these days. So if you’re great at sewing or machine embroidery, this is a great area for your creative home business.

Maybe you like to build things. Handcrafted birdhouses, doghouses, toys, as well as many other things, are always in demand. Many times you can sell these items right from your front yard. Or you can sell them in online auctions. If you have a special niche item that you love to build, you may even want to have a kiosk at your local mall to sell your goods.

Jewelry making is one ofrepparttar 142909 hottest trends going. This makes selling your handcrafted jewelry easier than ever. Specialty stores and upscale boutiques will buy all you can make, and at a premium price. You can also sellrepparttar 142910 handmade jewelry from your creative business on your own website. The cost of websites has come down drastically inrepparttar 142911 last few years, and they are great for selling to a much larger group of people than you could otherwise.

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