Written by Fatimah Musa

I worked hard forrepparttar past 17 years. I felt I had to. I only finished high school. Without a certificate to flaunt and yet wanting to climbrepparttar 137129 corporate ladder, I dedicated my effort and time to my work. I was proud of myself. At 40 years old I had reached a managerís position.

The day came when I was handedrepparttar 137130 letter. Why didrepparttar 137131 company fire me? Was I not good enough?

It was a massive blow to my ego. My questions only brought back anger. I was not resourceful and I could not see any positive meaning to it.

As I thought about it longer, I became more angry and annoyed. Thenrepparttar 137132 emotions turn into fear.

What can I do now? Who would employ me? At this age and with a lack of education, how could I get another job?

I was becoming an unendurable person. My relationship, which was already onrepparttar 137133 rocks suffered further.

I was no longerrepparttar 137134 person I used to be. I complained and whined. I lostrepparttar 137135 confidence in myself. I could not see myself in any other way but a "wimp".

I avoided friends and ignored and neglected my partner. There were no more constructive conversations between us. He was getting on well with his career and moving upwards.

Andrepparttar 137136 more I saw him succeedingrepparttar 137137 more I felt bad about myself. I was ashamed of myself. I thought that I was not good enough for him anymore. Finally he has had it. He walked out of my life.

Not only have I lost my job. I also have lost someone whom I thought wasrepparttar 137138 one for me. More resentment and self-pity came over me. I was angry with him. How could he leave me if he had loved me?

I was not only broke but also alone. I was so broke that I could not afford my own home.

The finance company repossessed my car. I had no material things left except my clothes in my luggage and a few books.

It has to take two crisis to make me wake up to my senses. I had to change immediately. That wasrepparttar 137139 only choice I had.

Losing your self-confidence is bad. Losing your self-esteem is worse. Losing your self is a disaster. Until...

I decided to my thinking.

I have to meet my basic need first, food and shelter. The company I went to offered lodging so I tookrepparttar 137140 job that paid only a quarter of what I used to earn.

Alone and still broke...but this time I looked at what I had left.

Change does not come easy. Recovering your self-confidence and your self-esteem is an attitude and mindset that needs discipline.

You need to developrepparttar 137141 disciplines that can boost your trust in yourself again.

1. Admit that you have messed up. Whatever happened, has happened to someone else too. It is how you make out of it that matters.

You either let it go and move on or wallow in self-pity. If you had takenrepparttar 137142 second option as I did, you will realize that your life would be messier than when it started.

It is not too late. Admit your mistakes, forgive yourself and move on.

2. Write down realistic goals. When your self-esteem plummets, it is tough to see bright, colorful pictures of yourself smiling at your achievements.

Set several realistic goals to start with. For a start, these were some of my goals...

- Put on 5kg. Lost that. I was looking very thin and gaunt for my height. I need to lift my self-image.

- Cut smoking to 10 cigarettes a day. I canít afford more anyway

- Read 1 hr daily. Got to feed my mind with something positive.

- Take 20minutes walk inrepparttar 137143 park a day. I needed some fresh air and away fromrepparttar 137144 cramp abode of mine.

- Keep a journal. I shunned friends so at least I could use this to pour out my feelings.

- Record my activities. I must make full use of my time.

- Pray and meditate.Somehow, I know I am not alone.

I worked on them and made certain that I followedrepparttar 137145 disciplines. It felt good to strike out each activity daily.

And whenrepparttar 137146 good feelings enter again, I added more goals to my list. Slowly but surely, I began to feel good about myself again.

Celebrating the ME in MumME

Written by Peggy Porter

Copyright 2005 Peggy Porter

Another Motherís Day is upon us. A day in which our loved ones bestow us with handmade gifts, breakfast in bed, supper out and sometimes even jewelry!!! It is a day for our family to show how much they appreciaterepparttar job we do.

I remember after my first child was born, I developed this deep respect for other mothers and immediately felt connected to all of them. I felt a bond that only strengthenedrepparttar 137118 further into motherhood I went.

So on this very special weekend, I want to honor, not only my own mother, but all mothers. You hold a very special place in my heart and I know first handrepparttar 137119 challenges and rewards that we experience on a daily basis. Motherhood is several professions rolled up in to one; nurse, teacher, housekeeper, referee, cook, manager and many more. The pay is poor butrepparttar 137120 benefits arerepparttar 137121 best.

My wish for all mothers is that you donít wait forrepparttar 137122 one day ofrepparttar 137123 year before YOU recognizerepparttar 137124 contribution you make inrepparttar 137125 lives of others. It is so important to appreciate, on a daily basis,repparttar 137126 job you do. We often second guess our mothering ability. We focus onrepparttar 137127 times we lost patience instead ofrepparttar 137128 times we didnít. We countrepparttar 137129 times we yelled instead ofrepparttar 137130 times we said I love you. We fixate onrepparttar 137131 mess ofrepparttar 137132 house instead of recognizing thatrepparttar 137133 time spent reading withrepparttar 137134 kids was a better decision.

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