Start here...first principles (D)

Written by Terry Dashner

Start here…first principles (D)

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What’srepparttar foremost law of science? Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino raise this question in their book entitled, Unshakable Foundations (Bethany House 2001). I think you might be interested in knowing how they answer it.

“Everyone—and everything—is growing older and becoming more and more deteriorated; we see this to be a universal truth. Consequently, people die, cars corrode, buildings fall, landscapes erode, and our natural resources gradually deplete. No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to reverse this process and get things back to their original highly ordered and uncorrupted state. Things and systems are constantly breaking down and moving inrepparttar 143589 direction of higher states of disorder. We can keep fixingrepparttar 143590 car, paintingrepparttar 143591 house, and repavingrepparttar 143592 driveway, and yet some counterforce seems to be at work—persistently undoing what we do. This bent toward deterioration isrepparttar 143593 result ofrepparttar 143594 universal law of physics known asrepparttar 143595 second law of thermodynamics.”

If we apply this second law of thermodynamics torepparttar 143596 universe, thenrepparttar 143597 universe is slowly running out of steam. Okay you say, “What’srepparttar 143598 big deal?” Many scientists, includingrepparttar 143599 former Carl Sagan, state thatrepparttar 143600 universe has always existed. When you believe that a Creator does not exist, you must say thatrepparttar 143601 “something” created itself (or has always been) out of “nothing.” The problem with this, besidesrepparttar 143602 obvious—“nothing” cannot become “something” without a Creator—is thatrepparttar 143603 laws of thermodynamics demand an origin and an ending.

Would you agree with this statement? God is an uncaused Being. An uncaused Being has always existed and does not need a cause. I believe that God isrepparttar 143604 First Cause of every finite thing that comes into existence, and there is nothing prior to God asrepparttar 143605 Cause of all finite things because God has always existed.

Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, two physicists atrepparttar 143606 Bell Telephone Laboratories, discovered thatrepparttar 143607 earth is bathed in a faint glow of radiation. [Ibid, p.95] For this they were awardedrepparttar 143608 Nobel Prize in 1978. Their measurements determined thatrepparttar 143609 earth could not berepparttar 143610 source of this radiation glow. It was determined thatrepparttar 143611 radiation glow was left over afterrepparttar 143612 “Big Bang.” In other words,repparttar 143613 earth has not always been around. It had an origin. And if it had an origin, thenrepparttar 143614 laws of thermodynamics are at work inrepparttar 143615 universe to bring it to a conclusion some day.

The Pentagram and the SUN (RA)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The Pentagon-Dodecahedron was a representation of earth's tectonic plates. The ancients built a network of megalithic structures upon it for many purposes related to enhancing their psycho-spiritual needs up to and possibly including what led torepparttar vitrified rocks. Mystery Schools say this about it.

“Masonic Symbolism ofrepparttar 143561 Arithmetical Number Five and Its Plane Geometric Constructrepparttar 143562 Pentagram and Solid Geometric Constructrepparttar 143563 Dodecahedron Stanley J. Bransgrove*

For presentation torepparttar 143564 California College ofrepparttar 143565 Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis Introduction

The number five [1] and its byproduct,repparttar 143566 pentagram, have symbolic prominence and have been attributed extraordinary qualities. Possibly before ancient Sumerian astronomers observedrepparttar 143567 curious natural phenomena that ofrepparttar 143568 seven visible planets, only Venus traced a regular geometric pattern, a pentagram in eight-year cycles, this number and figure may have already achieved symbolic import. We can confirm at least that what was observed above, was repeated by man here below. In examining remaining monuments of this distant past we find evidence that in factrepparttar 143569 symmetry ofrepparttar 143570 pentagram was utilized in mans most important architectural edifices. We may also interpretrepparttar 143571 stone work of this initiatic tradition in light of literary references to such western traditions such as those ofrepparttar 143572 Pythagoreans, Jews, Christians, Druids, as well asrepparttar 143573 Lataif of Sufi tradition, and Hindu Tattwas. The pentagram servedrepparttar 143574 Pythagoreans as a salutation and a symbol of health. Medieval masons considered it a symbol of deep wisdom and integrated its proportions in ecclesiastical edifices. In recent times, professor Matila Gyrka calledrepparttar 143575 pentagramrepparttar 143576 "gateway to absolute independence;" "symbol of deep wisdom;" and an "ideal archetype of dynamic growth." It is not surprising that we find such symbolism reoccurring in speculative Masonry and Masonic Rosicrusianism.” (1)

A Shardana group of Phoenicians as well asrepparttar 143577 Genoese or Legurian people going back to 2000 BC are involved. Recent finds have these Shardana in a Trojan War era fortification reminiscent ofrepparttar 143578 ‘nuraghi’ in Sardinia. That site is near present day Syria or Mt. Carmel. They are also found inrepparttar 143579 Hyksos reign over Egypt that is connected to Troy. There are mines underrepparttar 143580 water off Marseilles andrepparttar 143581 region nearrepparttar 143582 mouth ofrepparttar 143583 Rhone andrepparttar 143584 Pyrenees site of Rennes-le-Chateau is verdant with legend and importance throughout history and pre-history. Massalia was a focal point of transit and trade in a time beforerepparttar 143585 Straits of Gibraltar were formed.

“Five churches or sacred sites are all built on hilltops onrepparttar 143586 site of older structures and form a perfect pentagon with its center nearrepparttar 143587 megalithic sites known locally as Balancing Rock andrepparttar 143588 Devil's Chair. Two of these five sites arerepparttar 143589 churches in Rennes-le-Chateau and Bezu. Between them isrepparttar 143590 ruin at Serre de Lauzet, withrepparttar 143591 chapel of Blanchefort andrepparttar 143592 megalith at la Soulane asrepparttar 143593 other two points.” These words are from Mary Sutherland. The megaliths tie in withrepparttar 143594 natural pentagram ofrepparttar 143595 Pentagon-dodecahedron, which an ancient Druidic University inrepparttar 143596 region either designed or used long before Caesar or other Roman Emperors proscribed and eliminatedrepparttar 143597 Druids ofrepparttar 143598 region as best they could.

The Phocaeans are closely associated withrepparttar 143599 ‘Sons of Mil’ ofrepparttar 143600 Milesian ‘Bees’. They took military ships acrossrepparttar 143601 Mediterranean to seal a deal withrepparttar 143602 king of Tartessus. You can read about it in The Rise ofrepparttar 143603 Greeks by Michael Grant. That ‘Bee’ is also found in 2200 BC onrepparttar 143604 island of Crete inrepparttar 143605 Royal House of Mallia. It is important to remember that most early languages were vowel less. So ‘ML’ and ‘MLL’ are just one step removed from each other.

The natural pentagram formed byrepparttar 143606 mountains ofrepparttar 143607 area near Rennes-le-Chateau where Nostradamus and Sauničre were born is of paramount importance. The pentagon-dodecahedron knowledge was so secret inrepparttar 143608 time of Plato that anyone letting this secret be known torepparttar 143609 uninitiated was put to death. Pythagoras (taught by Abaris [Rabbi]repparttar 143610 Druid) andrepparttar 143611 Therapeutae usedrepparttar 143612 pentagram instead andrepparttar 143613 Star of David, likerepparttar 143614 Kabballah, is ‘twisted’ for a purpose I have dealt with in other books. The Theosophists re-iterate much of what we have covered so far.

“The five-pointed star, orrepparttar 143615 star polygon ofrepparttar 143616 number five, is made by marking five equidistant points on a circle and joining each torepparttar 143617 next but one;repparttar 143618 lines and angles are equal,repparttar 143619 angles being 36 degrees, 72 degrees, and 108 degrees. The sections ofrepparttar 143620 lines exhibitrepparttar 143621 golden ratio, by which a line is divided into extreme and mean ratio, that ratio being .618 or 1.618, which plays so important and interesting a part in geometry. In symbolism this figure is often taken as synonymous withrepparttar 143622 number five,repparttar 143623 pentad. The Pythagoreans called itrepparttar 143624 pentalpha, because it was like five alphas (A). It combinesrepparttar 143625 two andrepparttar 143626 three,repparttar 143627 first even andrepparttar 143628 first odd numbers after unity, representing therefore among many other things, onrepparttar 143629 universal plane,repparttar 143630 union of cosmic substance with cosmic intellect. Ifrepparttar 143631 three is combined withrepparttar 143632 four (another symbol of matter) we getrepparttar 143633 seven. As a union of five elements it stands forrepparttar 143634 heavenly or macrocosmic man and its five points correspond torepparttar 143635 head and limbs of a man's body;repparttar 143636 same idea lies behindrepparttar 143637 five wounds of Christ. Whenrepparttar 143638 star has its point down, it signifiesrepparttar 143639 polar opposite ofrepparttar 143640 preceding, that is,repparttar 143641 nether or material pole of cosmic life; and so can be used as a black magical symbol --repparttar 143642 horns of evil are said to be up. The combination of these two producesrepparttar 143643 decad, in a similar way to that by whichrepparttar 143644 two triangles are combined in Solomon's Seal; and thus we get another symbol of man's dual nature, and ofrepparttar 143645 dual aspect of cosmic forces. In connection with this, astrologers will remember that each of five planets has two houses, a day house and a night house; while sun and moon have each one house, so that we have hererepparttar 143646 five,repparttar 143647 ten, andrepparttar 143648 twelve, harmonized together. Five is specially important in our times because we are inrepparttar 143649 fifth root-race, and five elements have so far been manifested (the fifth, ether, only partially as yet). We have five digits on each limb; five isrepparttar 143650 most frequent number forrepparttar 143651 petals of a flower, we userepparttar 143652 denary scale (twice five), andrepparttar 143653 number five plays a leading part inrepparttar 143654 geometry ofrepparttar 143655 dodecahedron and icosahedron. In The Secret Doctrine we findrepparttar 143656 pentagon used forrepparttar 143657 number five inrepparttar 143658 formula 31415,repparttar 143659 other figures likewise being denoted by geometrical signs.” (2)

The linguistic connection betweenrepparttar 143660 Basque, Vietnamese, Mayan, and Denhe ofrepparttar 143661 Pacific Northwest is mirrored inrepparttar 143662 RH blood factor that also shows up in Casiberia. The Pacific Northwest brings usrepparttar 143663 Kennewick Man andrepparttar 143664 Aleut mummies onrepparttar 143665 westward Copper Route from Lake Superior.

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