Start a Medical Transcription At Home Career!

Written by Michele Miller

As a medical transcriptionist, I do get asked several times a month, how I got started in this business. So many people nowadays want to work from home, especially mothers with young children. Thatísrepparttar primary reason I started my home business ten years ago, so I could be there for my daughter. I didnít want someone else taking care of her after school instead of me.

Itís really not hard to start a medical transcription business. The start-up costs are low compared to many other home-based businesses.

You need a form of education, via home study courses or by attending your local community college. You do NOT need a degree in medical transcription to start a business either. In a short amount of time, usually nine months or less, you can be working fromrepparttar 150708 comfort of your own home, just like me.

You will need some equipment, such as a computer, a printer, a transcriber, and some reference books. All of which can be purchased second hand if need be. The latest and greatest equipment is not necessary to get started.

Now, there are some special skills you will need, outside ofrepparttar 150709 education, which include:

* Excellent grammar skills

* Good Listening Skills,

* Basic computer skills with a word processing program

* Research Skills

* Ability to type Ė your speed will increase with experience

* Must be detail oriented

* Ability to work on your own

* Ability to maintain work deadlines and be a self-motivator You will also need some computer programs such as a medical spellchecker and a word expander utility to cut down onrepparttar 150710 amount of actual typing you do. Some programs, such as Microsoft Wordģ include this type of utility. It isrepparttar 150711 best invention by far, in my opinion.

How to Drop Ship Products on Ebay

Written by Jason James

Drop Ship on eBay? Risk Versus Reward

Let me start with an interesting eBay auction story!

I was experimenting with various ads and categories in eBay. There are many tools onrepparttar market that can help you locate what are called "Hot eBay Sales Items". A few years ago, eBay would put a small flame next to any item that received 10 or more bids. That would be considered a "hot" or "in demand" item.

If an item is in demand, it is simply good business logic to search for sources onrepparttar 150674 item so you can also sell them on eBay. While using a hot item search tool I noticed that high-end appliances (brands like Viking, Subzero and Thermador) had a very substantial number of bids.

I went torepparttar 150675 Viking website, looked at their accessories for gas ranges, and proceeded to list one ofrepparttar 150676 items onrepparttar 150677 website for $39 to test consumer response. This was $15 more thanrepparttar 150678 price of $24 shown onrepparttar 150679 Viking website. I did callrepparttar 150680 Viking 800 number for customer service to make surerepparttar 150681 item was in stock before I listedrepparttar 150682 item for sale, and also to verify that I could pay with a credit card and haverepparttar 150683 item shipped to a different address. Viking said, "yes" to both questions.

I was surprised to findrepparttar 150684 item sold after three days forrepparttar 150685 $39 price plus $6 shipping. I received payment fromrepparttar 150686 eBay buyer, called Viking and placedrepparttar 150687 order to be shipped direct torepparttar 150688 buyer with only a packing list.

This is a great example of how I set up a drop ship account. When you set up a drop ship account with a distributor or wholesale company, they will give you a discount onrepparttar 150689 retail price. I made money on this test transaction and sold it for more than retail.

I will now explainrepparttar 150690 process of drop shipping. Drop shipping a product means you are taking an order either from your own website, or an auction site such as eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, etc., receiving payment fromrepparttar 150691 customer and then contactingrepparttar 150692 direct source ofrepparttar 150693 product to have it shipped torepparttar 150694 customer. You supplyrepparttar 150695 name and address of your customer, thus eliminating your need to box and labelrepparttar 150696 item. The drop-shipping source uses a "blind ship" label, which contains your business name and address, or just a plain packing slip withrepparttar 150697 package.

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