Start a Home Cleaning Service for less than $10!

Written by Randy Wilson

The home cleaning service is truly one ofrepparttar most lucrative home based businesses which could garner a huge amount of profits as well as peace of mind for you. People favorrepparttar 147394 home cleaning as a business because it gives you time flexibility as well asrepparttar 147395 pleasuring of being your own boss. Most Americans have woken up torepparttar 147396 reality that their busy life would not give any time to domestic services. As a result their homes are left unattended and not exactly neat and tidy as they want them to be. This gives rise torepparttar 147397 home cleaning business, whererepparttar 147398 home cleaning services could be outsourced to people like you.

Less than $100.00 up to more than $10,000. It all depends onrepparttar 147399 type of cleaning you are going to do. Carpet cleaning and sofa and wall cleaning will require expensive equipment that you will need to rent or purchase. Onrepparttar 147400 other hand, general house cleaning can be started usingrepparttar 147401 cleaning supplies you probably already own for cleaning your own home.

Financing sources:

  1. A start up business loan fromrepparttar 147402 bank.

  2. A start up business loan from government sponsored organization or a business organization. Non profit organizations supportrepparttar 147403 young and dynamics for loans upto $15000.

  3. Government sponsored business investment programs: Self-Employment Programs started by governments are a great and safest way to start your business.

  4. Investors: Angel investors(potential gap fillers between what you have and how much you need) and venture capitalists are other sources).

Pricing guidelines for service:
$50.00 to $175.00 and up per home or apartment. Depends onrepparttar 147404 area space, storeys, baths,attached rooms, and condition ofrepparttar 147405 home.

Advertising and Marketing Methods and Tips:

  • Regional ads inrepparttar 147406 newspaper
  • Direct mailing
  • Brochures to complex
  • Inserts in local newspapers
  • Online ads
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Ad inrepparttar 147407 telephone directory

Essential Equipment:
Sponges, buckets, spray bottles, vaccum cleaner, towels, SOS pads, cleaning supplies, mops, disposable rubber gloves, toilet brush, squeegee, old clothes etc. Income potential:
$90,000.00 a year and more. It all depends on how you delegaterepparttar 147408 work and have people working for you. If you clean three homes and charge $120 for one, that means $360 per day and $7,740 per month working 5 days a week (average figure).

Where To Find A Cash Windfall Of $10,000 To $1,000,000 - You Never Knew You Had

Written by Jay L. Abraham

Where to Find a Cash Windfall of $10,000 to $1,000,000 - You Never Knew You Had.

By Jay L. Abraham

There is a rather famous true story called ďAcres of DiamondsĒ.

It is about a successful farmer who risks everything searchingrepparttar African continent for diamonds. Ultimately he dies sick and penniless, whilerepparttar 147313 new owner of his farm uncovers on his propertyrepparttar 147314 largest single diamond ever known to man.

Point of fact: After helping hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners, Iíll lay odds that story is true for YOU in more ways than you are currently willing to admit to yourself.

No matter where you are onrepparttar 147315 success continuum, your ability to generate tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in immediate windfall income is well within your reach. I know firsthand, because everyday, I am paid handsomely to do just that by my clients and associates.

Now, no one likes to be told that they are sitting on a diamond mine, especially when they donít see it for themselves. So please allow me to give you some advice which could potentially generate a cash jackpot of between $10,000 and $1,000,000 almost overnight.

ďWhatísrepparttar 147316 secret?Ē, you ask impatiently.

Iíll tell you flat out: Your hidden wealth is buried in your email list...itís hiding in your client list...and it lies dormant in your vendor list. I could go on and on.

Hereísrepparttar 147317 secret in a nutshell: One ofrepparttar 147318 places your hidden wealth lies is inrepparttar 147319 trusted relationships youíve cultivated with people overrepparttar 147320 years.

Let me prove my point with a quick example. I recently did a consult with a client who has a wonderful nutritional product. His own clients are very enthusiastic aboutrepparttar 147321 results they get. Atrepparttar 147322 same time, although he is successful, he is also cash poor. He needs a cash infusion of hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to fundrepparttar 147323 building up of his business.

Whatísrepparttar 147324 solution? A banker? An angel investor? A partner? Venture capital? Maybe, but I think there might be an easier way.

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