Start Your Sales Letter To Make MORE Sales!

Written by Kevin Nunley

Using a sales letter is a great way to getrepparttar attention of people that might not otherwise hear about you. Sales letters can be used as copy for web sites, sent to other businesses that might have a use for your product or service, or even just distributed to individuals.

The hardest part about getting a great sales letter, though, is coming up with fast selling words to sell yourself without sounding too pushy. One way to get your creative juices flowing is to simply pick a word and run with it.

All you need to do is let go and see where your thoughts take you. It doesn't really matter where you start; all that matters is that you did!

Put your pen on paper and start writing anything that comes to mind. Don't let your critical voice take over. You're not allowed to change anything, just writerepparttar 127352 first thing you think of.

Think of a blind date. It will probably be awkward, but you will find SOMETHING to talk about. Writing is exactlyrepparttar 127353 same.

Once you get started,repparttar 127354 words start to help you. The page will create its own rules telling you to know what to write next.

Although good writing begins with a single word, there is a little more to a sales letter than just letting words leak across a page. Inrepparttar 127355 past few years, many writers have found that there are certain types of openings in direct mail that are more effective than others. These work just as well for email letters and for web sites.

3 Killer Secrets for Closing the Sale

Written by Brian Tracy

"Inherently, each one of us hasrepparttar substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define. What is missing from each of us isrepparttar 127351 training, education, knowledge and insight to utilize what we already have." -- Mark Twain

FACT: Selling isrepparttar 127352 only profession wherein your potential earnings are beyond what 95% ofrepparttar 127353 world's population could ever earn - but only if you know how to closerepparttar 127354 sale. Selling is a wonderful profession -- but because it is oftentimes difficult to become successful at it, it is also considered one ofrepparttar 127355 toughest professions inrepparttar 127356 world.

As a salesperson, you need to be thankful that makingrepparttar 127357 sale is so difficult, because if it were easy,repparttar 127358 field would be flooded with amateurs -- andrepparttar 127359 amount of money you could earn would be greatly reduced. Your job is to find ways to makerepparttar 127360 sales process easier so that you can become one ofrepparttar 127361 highest paid people in your field, if notrepparttar 127362 world.

The Major Challenge in Selling

Closingrepparttar 127363 sale is perhapsrepparttar 127364 most stressful and challenging part ofrepparttar 127365 sales process. This is whererepparttar 127366 rubber meetsrepparttar 127367 proverbial road.

Hi, I'm Brian Tracy -- and there are secrets I know that can unlockrepparttar 127368 real firepower that lies dormant in your very own selling skills, and these secrets will changerepparttar 127369 course of your sales career forever. I'm going to reveal 3 closing secrets that can easily triple your sales inrepparttar 127370 next 90 days.

You may have heard about me through my high-powered sales seminars attended by approximately 400,000 men and women each year in 23 countries - or perhaps you have come across one of my 16 best-selling books or 300 learning programs.

The 3 killer secrets that I'm about to reveal are excerpts of techniques I've taught to salespeople all overrepparttar 127371 world, many of whom have gone on to becomerepparttar 127372 biggest money-makers inrepparttar 127373 sales industry. I guarantee that if you master these lessons and practice them faithfully, you will at least triple your sales withinrepparttar 127374 next 90 days.

Killer Closing Secret #1: The Preference Close

The first technique isrepparttar 127375 Alternative Close, also calledrepparttar 127376 Preference Close. It is based onrepparttar 127377 fact that people like to have choices. They don't like to be given what may sound like an ultimatum to either buy it or not buy it.

To apply this technique, you simply structure your close by saying, "Which of these would you prefer, A or B?"

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