Start Your Own Affiliate Progra

Written by Holly Janion

If you have a web site selling products or services, why not start your very own affiliate program. It's not that difficult or expensive and repparttar benefits are huge. Userepparttar 102600 money you save from promoting your site yourself to pay your affiliates!

What is an Affiliate Program? An affiliate program is way of allowing others to sell or promote your products and services for commission.


1. Because your banners and links are placed on other sites this makes you more visible with not much effort. 2. You have other people marketing your product and services, it's not all down to you. 3. Your sales will increase dramatically. 4. You will certainly appear "bigger" than what you are and your credibility will be higher.

Gone arerepparttar 102601 days when onlyrepparttar 102602 "big" sites could set up and run affiliate programs. Today its easy and there are a couple of ways of doing this. You could get someone to installrepparttar 102603 required scripts on your own server and run it yourself. This isrepparttar 102604 way I like to do it as you have full control but in order to do this you need to be able to accept credit cards on-line via your own merchant account.

It's not that expensive or complicated, sometimes it's a matter of who you know. My hosting company actually provided and installedrepparttar 102605 script on my latest site absolutely free and offer an excellent service. Take a look at to find out more about this option. You need to decide what your objectives of your affiliate program are before you decide which route to go down. You can either have your whole site replicated or you can have a script installed that will simply track your affiliate sales. You will need to look at various options depending on what you hope to achieve.

Ask yourselfrepparttar 102606 following questions before you begin.

1. Do you want to replicate your entire site giving each affiliate their very own 2. Do you simply want to track sales giving each affiliate their own unique ID? 3. Do you want to pay affiliates for actual sales, clicks or leads only? 4. Do you sell products, services or electronic products? Do you want your affiliates to market all your services and products or only some? 5. Do you want to pay onlyrepparttar 102607 actual affiliate who makesrepparttar 102608 sale or do you want to build a two-tier program, compensatingrepparttar 102609 affiliate for sales his referrals make too. 6. Do you want international affiliates or affiliates from your own country only? 7. Do you want to pay a percentage of sales or a flat rate?

Turn Your Customers Into a Sales Force For Your Product or Service

Written by Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley

No matter how large or small your company is, you could benefit from more experts selling your product or service. Hiring and training an in-house sales force is much too expensive for many small businesses. Even larger firms that already have sizeable sales departments could use help finding prospects and turning them into paying customers.

The easiest and cheapest way to build your sales force is to give customers a chance to promote your products and services. Satisfied customers not only know all about what you sell, but because they have tried your product themselves, they have more credibility with prospects. A prospect believes when a past customers says "Yes, I used it and it works great." No ad or commercial can speak as powerfully.

Create A Simple Referral Program Many customers will be delighted to tell friends about your product or service. You only have to ask. Say "I'm glad you got great results from our service. Please spreadrepparttar word. I would really appreciate it if you told a few people you know who could also benefit from our service."

You can offer a discount to new customers referred by existing customers. One store has a sign inrepparttar 102599 waiting area "Tell a friend and you both save 10% on your next purchase. Ask for details."

Start Your Own Affiliate Program Back when was first staring out, founder Jeff Bezos was at a party. A woman who had just gone through a divorce told Bezos she wished she could sell Amazon's books about divorce from her web site.

The wheels started turning inside Bezos' head. Back atrepparttar 102600 office he worked with his programming staff to create software to track sales that came from other people's web sites.

Today, affiliate systems likerepparttar 102601 one Amazon created arerepparttar 102602 number one marketing method onrepparttar 102603 Internet. Services like and offer affordable systems that are easy to set up. Your customers can paste a bit of HTML code on their web pages, then any sale that comes from their site is credited to their account.

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