Start Your Next Home Improvement Project With Tools and Hardware You Buy Online

Written by Craig Whitley

One ofrepparttar mistakes most do-it-yourself homeowners makes during significant home improvement projects is in trying to completerepparttar 100496 job withoutrepparttar 100497 right tools. How many times have you tried to use a flat-head screwdriver instead ofrepparttar 100498 right wood chisel, for example? You getrepparttar 100499 picture, right? All of us are guilty of trying to take shortcuts or save money and opt to inventing what I call "poor-boy" methods and ways to perform a home improvement task usingrepparttar 100500 wrong tool.

It's not that we don't know better. For we almost always know when we're not working withrepparttar 100501 right tools. But, we either can't affordrepparttar 100502 right tool atrepparttar 100503 time, or we're in a hurry and don't want to takerepparttar 100504 time that it takes to run to Home Depot, Lowe's orrepparttar 100505 local hardware store to buyrepparttar 100506 correct tool to dorepparttar 100507 job.

This is particularlyrepparttar 100508 cases when we're being asked to do what I call "honey-do" projects. You know what I'm talking about, right? That's when your spouse (notice I didn't say wife) is sweet to you for no apparent reason and after buttering you up tells you (notice I didn't say "asks you")"Honey, this weekend when you have some time I would like for you to do [insert task here] for me." Then before you can respond you hear, "Oh, and while you're at it honey can you also do [task 2], and [task 3] and [task 4] and ......." You getrepparttar 100509 picture -- that's what I can "honey do projects" and almost all of them will require tools to perform.

Notice to that honey-do projects aroundrepparttar 100510 house never come one at a time, they usually come in bunches. And if you’re not willing to create a check-off list to noterepparttar 100511 ones you've completed, trust me, you spouse will gladly createrepparttar 100512 check-off list for you. In fact, my spouse typically gives a hug, a kiss, a nibble onrepparttar 100513 ear -- then slidesrepparttar 100514 check-off list in my shirt pocket and says "Honey, here's a short list of just a few things I would like for you to do aroundrepparttar 100515 house this weekend." That list usually laps around torepparttar 100516 backside ofrepparttar 100517 page.

Planning your DIY project

Written by Alan Woodbridge

Ready to start your first serious DIY project? Read throughrepparttar checklist below to make sure you are well prepared to start - and finish! -repparttar 100456 job:

1. Do an overview ofrepparttar 100457 project, making sure that you understand all its requirements. Sometimes imagining that you have been hired to dorepparttar 100458 job may help you take a better perspective on what it will take to completerepparttar 100459 task.

2. Be realistic about your expectations. If you are just a beginning DIYer, consider completing a few small projects (like putting up shelves or fixing a garden fence) before attempting a major one. Ideally, for your first big DIY project you should select an area where it will least affect your lifestyle if left unfinished - for example, your basement or outdoors. Don't attempt replumbingrepparttar 100460 house as your first project!

3. Know where to seek help if needed. Your sources might include DIY books and magazines, relevant web sites, and DIY-savvy friends and relatives. If you are about to venture into a completely new territory, you might find it helpful to hire a professional for a few hours and try to learnrepparttar 100461 essential techniques from them.

4. Make a list of materials you need - and buy them all BEFORE you startrepparttar 100462 project. This will minimizerepparttar 100463 need for frustrating runs torepparttar 100464 store, allowing you to completely focus onrepparttar 100465 job.

There are many online tools available for estimatingrepparttar 100466 quantity of materials (like paint or tiles) that you need for a project - make use of those to save time. Some useful online estimators can be found here: (It is also a good time saving idea to add about 10% to your calculated material requirements to allow for waste.)

5. Make a realistic budget. Remember to budget for little things such as nails, screws, hinges etc. The little things, when combined, tend to add up to significant amounts that are often overlooked duringrepparttar 100467 planning stage.

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