Start Something Big When You Start an Online Business

Written by Benjamin Scott

Copyright 2005 Benjamin Scott

You life is an open path before you, but you might not see it because ofrepparttar over full inbox tray obstructing your view. Its hard to be philosophical and wise when you just need to finish a few more things in order to see even a little ofrepparttar 137740 soccer game, piano recital, or first steps you heard were happening but had missed because of work. Worse, you missed a lot of important events for work you did not even like or want to be doing. People change and grow, and perhaps you have outgrown your job and present career. It may be time to look into something more, something different. Start something big in your life, and start an online business.

Starting an online business is not difficult. YOU do not have to be a computer expert. You do not have to be rich, successful, or any preconceived notion of a business person. Thanks torepparttar 137741 Internet revolution, people of many backgrounds can come together and run businesses and achieve financial freedom fromrepparttar 137742 comfort of their own homes. There are many viable options for individuals interested in trying to start an online business. This career avenue affords personal freedom, lucrative financial success, andrepparttar 137743 personal satisfaction of owning a business. Few business opportunities can offer these three attributes in one stunning package, asking little down and demanding little background knowledge. Start an online business, no matter what your background and interests, and you will be starting a change in your life that will reach beyond your pocket book and into your self-esteem. You can know every day that you are working for yourself and your own goals. You set your bottom line, and you decide what issue you will tackle each day. This startling independence will bring outrepparttar 137744 best in you, motivating you to challenge yourself and reach for new heights.

Sell anything to anyone on the internet with hypnotic writing

Written by Jason Rife

Sell anything to anyone onrepparttar internet with Hypnotic Writing

By Jason Rife

I would think that you arerepparttar 137668 type of person who really wants to make a go of your idea. I also think that you fall into one of two groups at this point;repparttar 137669 first is a person who WANTS to succeed andrepparttar 137670 second isrepparttar 137671 person who has read so many books on great marketing and still can’t findrepparttar 137672 HOLY GRAIL.


Times have changed, they always change; change isrepparttar 137673 only constant.

Internet marketing and E books covering subjects such as E commerce rank amongstrepparttar 137674 highest growing movement towards work from home culture since it started. The birth ofrepparttar 137675 internet this has accelerated this culture now calledrepparttar 137676 “new industrial revolution”.

Any search engine such as Google, AOL and Yahoo will almost always list companies like EBay and many other online auctions sites. The reason is simple; it not allows a platform forrepparttar 137677 person inrepparttar 137678 street to make MOYET OUT OF YOUR COMPUTER.

Most of them start out as buyers on EBAY; they graduate to sellers then maybe ifrepparttar 137679 mood takes them starts to “trade”. It is this end ofrepparttar 137680 market thatrepparttar 137681 majority of internet expansion is taking place. Broadband is now allowing more sophisticated mediums to send your message to potential customers.

E Books?

E Books for instance are sold in their thousands through online business sites every day. This clearly shows thatrepparttar 137682 market expansion is now rising from what was once considered a consumer driven base is now in a position to becomerepparttar 137683 global retailer!

How to sell anything to anyone; this is a very fast look at two important considerations when selling in writing or face to face.


The five finger rule is called that because that is how I teach it. It goes something like this…

You have to get your prospect to say yes in their mind five times before you make your statement. Let me assume that we are taking to a prospect face to face but remember it is maybe even easier in writing.

We call it a “pacing formula” in terms of NLP (New Language Patterns). This is how simple it is to work…

Make for pacing statements (What is a pacing statement?) A statement that requiresrepparttar 137684 prospect to reply inrepparttar 137685 positive. If they told you their name (Jason) then your first pacing statement might be, “Did you say your name was Jason?” I have a friend who is called Jason.

I know that sound a little basic but look what you did. You know everyone lovesrepparttar 137686 sound of their name; you got it back to them twice! And you got them to say yes, all inrepparttar 137687 first sentence.

Then we haverepparttar 137688 “leading” statement (which as you will see is your goal). A leading statement is an attempt at getting aroundrepparttar 137689 conscious mind to place a suggestion or thoughtrepparttar 137690 is constant withrepparttar 137691 previous mind set (all yes replies). The leading statement is normally something that you wish to make them see, feel or imagine happening.

Sometimes this simple formula is so powerful you can get a little too confident and start using it for other things but we will not go into that here.

Here isrepparttar 137692 full explanation forrepparttar 137693 first time.

Until you have gotrepparttar 137694 correct order of doing things I would like to suggest you use your fingers to keep track of your conversation. You will understand why in a moment.

Using one hand spreadrepparttar 137695 five fingers; each finger is going to represent a pacing or leading statement, so here goes.

•We are going to make four pacing and one leading statement to start. •Next we make three pacing and two leading •Next we are going to make two pacing and three leading •Finish by using one pacing followed by four leading statements.

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