Start Here To Write An Ebook

Written by Angela Booth

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Summary: Want to write an ebook? You can. Start with an idea, build on it, and before you know it, you've got a book.

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Start Here To Write An Ebook

Copyright © 2003 by Angela Booth

Want to write an ebook? You can. Start with an idea, build on it, and before you know it, you've got a book. (I'll be using 'book' and 'ebook' interchangeably in this article, because any idea you find for an electronic book will certainly work as a print book as well.)

Here are some ways to get ideas for books only YOU could write. Work throughrepparttar 129282 following exercises.

Work through them quickly. Don't allow yourself to bog down. Do them as quickly as you can, and then go and do something else for a few hours, to letrepparttar 129283 ideas gestate and bubble in your subconscious mind.

When you come back, read throughrepparttar 129284 ideas you generated, and add to them as you read through your lists. PLEASE DONíT DISCARD ANY IDEAS AT THIS STAGE. This is becauserepparttar 129285 way to a brilliant, fantastic NEW idea is by twisting an idea slightly, reversing it, or by combining several ideas into a new one. Donít discard!

=> Ideas from: What you're good at

Make a list of 20 things you're good at. Don't think too hard about this. Maybe you're good at buying presents for peopleóyou've got a knack for choosing justrepparttar 129286 right gift. Maybe you're a good cook, or a good parent, or a good swimmer or a good tennis player. Or maybe you used to be good at one or more of these things.

=> Ideas from: Your past experiences

Experiences sell. If you've been abducted by little green men from Mars, it's a book. If you're a bigamist, itís a book. People have written books about their illnesses (see Challenges below), their addictions, and their pets. Browse throughrepparttar 129287 bestseller lists to see what personal experiences people are writing about.

Here's where you walk down memory lane. If you're in your twenties, it'll be a short stroll. If youíre in your forties or older, it will be a hike. Don't get bogged down with this, list 20 experiences you've had that spring to mind.

The easiest way to come up with experiences is work backwards throughrepparttar 129288 stages of your life, or through decades. Again, donít take a long time over this. Set yourself a time limit --- ten minutes is enough.

Distribute Your Self-Published Book Online 8 Ways (Part 2)

Written by Judy Cullins

Distribute Your Self-Published Book Online 8 Ways (Part 2) Judy Cullins c. 2003 All Rights Reserved

If you are discouraged because traditional methods of book or product distribution haven't brought yourepparttar profits you wanted, think Internet distribution. This Online promotion method is good forrepparttar 129281 long haul and costs you little time or money.With Online distributionrepparttar 129282 self-published author or Web business site gets to keep allrepparttar 129283 money.

Whether you have a Print on Demand (POD) book, traditionally printed book, or an eBook, you can become your own distributor these ways:

1. Distribute through two-step email promotion campaigns.

You don't need a Web site to sell products. Benefit fromrepparttar 129284 easy and preferred way to buy by three trillion in 2002.

First Step: Send a freebie to your different email lists. Think of your email groups--customers, clients, ezine subscribers, ePublishers, teleclass groups, and networkers. Offer to give them a free answer to one question. Offer a free "Special Report," or an excerpt from your book. These give your relationship a good start, because increased sales come from trust developed during relationship marketing more than anything else.

Second Step: Follow up with your book sales letter . Each sales message includes: headline to capture attention, background of problem, whererepparttar 129285 potential buyer wants to be, benefits and features of how to get there. Add testimonials and be sure they are credible and sincere.

Be sure to ask forrepparttar 129286 sale and include several easy ways to buy: toll free number, fax or mail by an order form placed atrepparttar 129287 end ofrepparttar 129288 sales letter, or if you have a Web site, a link to where they can buy with a secure provider.

2.Distribute through your own ezine.

Write your own ezine if you want to attract more credibility, trust, and sales. Because your potential clients and customers expect a lot of free information, include a lot of useful content such as a feature article, editor's note, resources and tips. You'll get to be well known asrepparttar 129289 "expert." In each ezine, add your sales messages for your products or service. Keep your ezine regular- once every two weeks or once a month to start. Keep it short--a real challenge to many of us.

3.Distribute by submitting how-to free articles to top opt-in ezines.

Online readers love free information. They subscribe to ezines you can submit your well-written article to. After learning acceptable article formats from a book coach, start subscribing and submitting them. Collect 5-10 edited articles before you send. Thousands, even 500,000-targeted potential buyers will see your article with your signature file on it every time you submit it.

Be sure your product is up on a Web site. Many Web publishers will take your e or print book, sell it, and distribute it for you for a commission of 60% or so. This is great for people who do not have their own site.

4.Distribute through your signature file on every email you send.

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