Start BASIC and Avoid 'The Gash'

Written by Joe Bingham

People have a funny thing about them. We all want everything NOW! We start on a diet, and a day and a half later we're hopping onrepparttar scales to see if we've lost anything. We get a new credit card and in one weekend we've got over a $1000 racked up on it. Then we gripe forrepparttar 102551 next 3 years until it's paid off.

We also join affiliate programs at two inrepparttar 102552 morning and expect to have built a sizeable residual income byrepparttar 102553 next afternoon. Unfortunately, things don't work that way.

When I was about 8 years old, my parents signed me up for swimming lessons, and I remember wellrepparttar 102554 first day of that class. That wasrepparttar 102555 day I met, 'The Gash'.

As I stood inrepparttar 102556 shallow end ofrepparttar 102557 pool with about 6 other kids in my group, our instructor was showing us how to hold our breath and go under water. With me never having been in a swimming pool much before, however, I wasn't too keen onrepparttar 102558 idea. In fact, I was resisting adamantly.

The instructor patiently tried to help me go under, for a while, and then apparently he'd had enough. Especially since I was encouraging another kid to rebel as well.

That's when 'The Gash' was brought in. He would MAKE us go under water we were told.

As I and my group stood inrepparttar 102559 pool, suddenly a man appeared atrepparttar 102560 edge ofrepparttar 102561 pool behind us and glared down from high above. He was tall, dark, and missing a HUGE chunk of flesh onrepparttar 102562 front of his left leg. To a bunch of 8 year old kids, he was a formidable sight. The fear I felt in his presence manifested itself inrepparttar 102563 form of rippling waves spreading out from my trembling body.

We all speculated as to what had torn a hole in 'The Gash's' leg as he and our instructor stood talking together. Since he was a swimming instructor, naturallyrepparttar 102564 speculation centered around water.

"I think he was bit by a shark!" one boy suggested.

"Or a sea snake!" offered another, "Or a sea monster likerepparttar 102565 one in Loch Ness!"

"That's not it," another boy broke in. "I know what happened cause my dad was there. He jumped offrepparttar 102566 BIG high dive atrepparttar 102567 downtown pool and missed! His leg hitrepparttar 102568 side ofrepparttar 102569 pool onrepparttar 102570 way down and tore a hole in his leg! My dad said there was blood everywhere! People thought he was dead!"

The speculation ended suddenly, however, as 'The Gash' turned and spoke to us.

"Everyone is going under water today," Then turning back to our instructor he said, "Let's take them torepparttar 102571 deep end."

I followed silently in fear as we were all marched torepparttar 102572 other end ofrepparttar 102573 pool and lined up atrepparttar 102574 side ofrepparttar 102575 diving board. One by one, kids from my group were herded torepparttar 102576 edge ofrepparttar 102577 pool by one adult and then 'helped' to jump offrepparttar 102578 edge intorepparttar 102579 arms another. The kids were being allowed to land fully inrepparttar 102580 water, but then helped to stay afloat and swam over back torepparttar 102581 side ofrepparttar 102582 pool.

'The Gash' stood menacingly by watching overrepparttar 102583 entire event. That is until it was my turn. As I reluctantly made my way torepparttar 102584 end ofrepparttar 102585 cement, I noticed 'The Gash' slip silently intorepparttar 102586 pool below me.

"I'll catch this one," he said coldly torepparttar 102587 other adult. I looked over in fear atrepparttar 102588 other kids who had gone before me. The look of horror I had on my face was mirrored back to me in their eyes as each thought to themselves how happy they were that it wasn't them up there.

Realizing my fate was sealed, I prepared to jump. However, in that final moment, I had a brilliant idea come to mind. I jumped with all my might and dove directly in front ofrepparttar 102589 other man who had caught allrepparttar 102590 others and was still inrepparttar 102591 water next to 'The Gash'.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start with Affiliate Program

Written by David McKenzie

There are thousands of business opportunities online. Most of them require some capital to start with. Not affiliate programs!

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider joining an affiliate program as your home based business.

1. Joining an affiliate program requires no outlay of capital. That's right, none! You can join an affiliate program for free and start promotingrepparttar product immediately.

2. The internet marketing tools are already provided for you. A 'top' affiliate program will supply you with lots of affiliate marketing tools that are 'ready to go'. You just copy and paste and put your affiliate code in. Then you start selling.

3. You do not need a product. It takes a LOT of time to develop your own product to sell online. With affiliate programs,repparttar 102550 product is already there. Someone else spent allrepparttar 102551 time developing it so you do not have to.

4. Affiliate statistics are already provided as part of joining an affiliate program. You do not have to go out and buy expensive software to track your sales becauserepparttar 102552 product owner is doing that for you. You don't even have to pay for it, it's free!

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