Starrs Elected President-Elect Of The Colorado Bar Association

Written by Mike Mahon

DENVER – Attorney Elizabeth A. Starrs, partner of Starrs Mihm Caschette LLP, has been elected President-Elect ofrepparttar Colorado Bar Association.

Starrs isrepparttar 148825 first Colorado woman to be inducted intorepparttar 148826 prestigious International Academy of Trial Lawyers and onlyrepparttar 148827 third Colorado woman to be inducted intorepparttar 148828 American College of Trial Lawyers.

She hasrepparttar 148829 distinction of having tried more legal malpractice cases than any other lawyer in Colorado. She was also part ofrepparttar 148830 team that successfully defended Colorado's first defective breast implant trial, and has tried employment cases involving well known and high-profile companies and individuals.

Starrs received her bachelor’s degree fromrepparttar 148831 University of Michigan in 1975 and her law degree from Suffolk University Law School in 1980. She isrepparttar 148832 immediate Past President ofrepparttar 148833 Denver Bar Association and is an adjunct professor of law atrepparttar 148834 University of Denver.

Steven Johnson Syndrome Symptoms

Written by Margaret Wommack

Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is a potentially fatal syndrome caused by a severe allergic reaction to some drugs.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome can be caused by these types of drugs:

• painkillers • rheumatoid arthritis • antibiotics • drugs for bi-polar disorder • non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) • barbiturates • anticonvulsants • sulfa antibiotics • penicillins

Stevens Johnson Syndrome can be caused by these medications

• Bextra • Arava • Remicade • Ibuprofen • Daypro • children’s Motrin • Advil • Topamax • Lamectal • Allopurinol • Phenytoin • Carbamazepine • valdecoxib

If you have been taking one of these drugs and are experiencing symptoms of SJS, you should talk to a doctor immediately. Symptoms of Stevens Johnson Syndrome Include:

• persistent, serious rash • persistent fever • conjunctivitis • flu-like symptoms • inflammation ofrepparttar mucosal membranes (mouth, throat, eyes, genital tract, intestinal tract) • ulcers insiderepparttar 148824 mouth • inflammation ofrepparttar 148825 tongue, gums and lips • inflammation ofrepparttar 148826 throat • skin lesions • blisters and bleeding ofrepparttar 148827 lips, eyes, mouth, nasal passage, and genital areas • skin sloughing off in sheets (like a chemical burn fromrepparttar 148828 inside out) • lesions inrepparttar 148829 lungs • permanent blindness • dry-eye syndrome • photophobia • lung damage • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) • asthma • permanent loss of nail beds • scarring ofrepparttar 148830 esophagus • arthritis • chronic fatigue syndrome

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