Star Wars Effect!

Written by Garry Munro

Star Wars effect!

In many waysrepparttar Star War movies are simply a reflection of everyday life on planet Earth.

Battles with inner conflict, jealousy, love, hate, passion, desire, laughter, drama, action, achieving goals, villains, friendship, success and failure.

Although we watch these movies for escapism, they also teach us about ourselves andrepparttar 141240 world around us.

Iím not suggesting that George Lucas is our extreme life or spiritual teacher but he has managed to get allrepparttar 141241 elements of life rolled into his movies.

We all aspire to be happier but itís not always as simply as smiling and our problems disappear, life is full of constant challenges and changing events.

Creating Insanity: A How-To Guide

Written by Steve Gillman

Somebody once said that insanity is doingrepparttar same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Optimal mental health, then, may include adapting your approach if you don't getrepparttar 141230 result you want. (NOTE: Seek help if you need it - this is just a general discussion of how to stay mentally healthy.)

There is a problem solving technique that involves finding allrepparttar 141231 ways to cause a problem in oreder to solve it. Here then is a list of ways to become insane, so we can see what we can learn about mental health.

To Become Insane...

Leave a hundred decisions unmade, hanging there in your mind.

Try to fit way too much into your days.

Take on too many unnecessary responsibilities.

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