StarTrac Treadmills Aim To Please the Physical Fitness Guru

Written by Tim Gorman

One ofrepparttar leading and most acknowledged brands inrepparttar 144893 fitness market, StarTrac treadmills are extremely popular in health clubs and gyms acrossrepparttar 144894 world. First introduced in 1974,repparttar 144895 StarTrac company was created byrepparttar 144896 makers ofrepparttar 144897 LifeCycle stationary bicycle. Since their conception, StarTrac treadmills have been renowned for their top quality design and advance training programs. All StarTrac fitness equipment is planned withrepparttar 144898 customer in mind.

StarTrac equipment is known for outstanding construction and remarkable reliability. This top ofrepparttar 144899 line machine isrepparttar 144900 number one commercial treadmill featured in fitness facilities. However, StarTrac treadmills are not exactly built for home use; only one of their six treadmill models is actually designed forrepparttar 144901 home user in mind. If you are a dedicated to physical fitness, or are a physical trainer or athlete, this isrepparttar 144902 treadmill to consider.

Smooth Treadmills Take Top Honors in Magazine Reviews

Written by Tim Gorman

Rated as one ofrepparttar best in various top magazine reviews and trials, Smooth treadmills have consistently received excellent ratings for advanced features, high power and outstanding value. Although a newcomer inrepparttar 144892 home gym market, Smooth treadmills have quickly become popular because of their durability and remarkable industry criteria for quality.

With considerable experience inrepparttar 144893 treadmill business, Smooth treadmills have been in operation for over 20 years, and arerepparttar 144894 only manufacturer to chiefly sell through internet sites and factory direct. By selling merchandise via these options,repparttar 144895 Smooth company can retail their treadmills for a significantly lower price than offline stores. Ninety percent of Smooth treadmill sales originate from internet purchases, all with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. The SmoothFitness website also offers customersrepparttar 144896 option of customizing their treadmill for only a few hundred dollars more. All treadmills include a ten year warranty, one ofrepparttar 144897 longest in treadmill market.

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